Leopold Mozart Centre

The Leopold Mozart Centre (German: Leopold-Mozart-Zentrum (LMZ) in Augsburg, Germany, is a university of music, founded as part of the University of Augsburg in 2008. It is located in the buildings of the former Musikhochschule as well as buildings on the university campus.

Leopold Mozart Centre
TypeUniversity of Music
Established2008 (2008)
Parent institution
University of Augsburg
Location, ,

Coordinates: 48°20′02″N 10°53′54″E / 48.33389°N 10.89833°E / 48.33389; 10.89833

The Leopold Mozart Centre was founded after the model of the Hochschule für Musik Mainz as part of the University of Mainz. It is focused on the interchange of music and science, offering music pedagogy, music therapy, mental training and improvisation, among others. The centre offers the common artistic and pedagogical bachelor and master courses such as string instruments, keyboard instruments, voice, wind instruments, percussion, conducting and musicology. All studies include elementary courses in psychology, sociology and political studies. The Collegium Musicum offers possibilities of music making in groups such as the orchestra, choir, chamber choir, big band, and various chamber music ensembles.


Alumni include those of the former Musikhochschule.


Faculty members include those of the former conservatory and Musikhochschule.

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