Lejonströmsbron is a wooden bridge in Skellefteå, Sweden, crossing Skellefte River between the boroughs Sunnanå and Prästbordet, near the parish church for Skellefteå landsförsamling. The bridge was completed in 1737 and is the oldest wooden bridge in Sweden. It is 207.5 metres (681 ft) in length, and was for a long time Sweden's longest wooden bridge (until a 230-meter long wooden bridge was built in Gimonäs in Umeå in 2006).[2][3]

Coordinates64°44′59″N 20°54′47″E / 64.74972°N 20.91306°E / 64.74972; 20.91306
CrossesSkellefte River
Official nameLejonströmsbron
Total length207 m (679 ft)
Width5 m (16 ft)
DesignerCarl Spennare[1]
Construction start1735; 289 years ago (1735)
Opened1737; 287 years ago (1737)

During its first years of operation, the toll to cross the bridge was:

  • A walking person - 1 öre
  • A rider on horseback - 3 öre
  • Carts pulled by a horse - 6 öre
  • Wagon pulled by several horses - 12 öre

In 1868 a speed limit was introduced over the bridge. If a person drove or rode faster than a pedestrian, they could be fined five riksdaler.

Lejonströmsbron was declared a listed building in Sweden in 1994.

The last war battles that took place on Swedish soil, took place in north Sweden under the Finnish War, also known as the 1808–09 war. On May 15, 1809 the Battle of Lejonströmsbron occurred.[4]

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