Law Society of Hong Kong

The Law Society of Hong Kong is the professional association and law society for solicitors in Hong Kong, established in 1907. The Hong Kong Bar Association is the equivalent association for barristers in Hong Kong.

The Law Society of Hong Kong
Legal statusCompany limited by guarantee
Headquarters3/F, Wing On House, 71 Des Voeux Rd Central, Central, Hong Kong
Region served
Hong Kong
Melissa K. Pang 彭韻僖
HK$105 Million (2017)
Law Society of Hong Kong
Traditional Chinese香港律師會
Simplified Chinese香港律师会

The Law Society is currently headed by President Melissa K. Pang (彭韻僖) and is located on the third floor of Wing On House in Central.


It was formed on 8 July 1907 as a company limited by guarantee, and was then known as The Incorporated Law Society of Hong Kong. The present name was adopted in 1969.[1]

In 2014, the society underwent its first ever motion of no confidence in its president over his declared support for the white paper published by the PRC on the city's autonomy in which patriotism was a prerequisite for the territory's judges.[2] Ambrose Lam's declaration appeared to be at odds with sentiment of its members, a thousand of whom marched in response to the white paper.[3] Over 100 petitioners objected to Lam's politicisation of the Law Society, requesting that Lam withdraw his comments and reassert support for judicial independence. The tabler of the no confidence vote had expected Lam to be able to call on a large reservoir of proxy votes in his defence.[4] At a meeting called for 14 August 2014, Lam suffered a surprising defeat in the non-binding vote calling for him to resign.[5] The motion was carried by 2,392 votes to 1,478, with almost half its members voting in person or by proxy.[3] There had been complaints of members receiving external pressure from Chinese companies, the central government Liaison Office, and members of the CPPCC National Committee.[5] Lam resigned on 19 August 2014, with neither an apology nor a retraction.


The society is divided into two bodies:[1]

  • The Council – the governing body of the society and consists of 20 members with 2 vice-presidents and 1 president.
  • The Secretariat – the body responsible for the standing committees within the society and has around 100 staff.

Profile of the professionEdit

As of 30 September 2018, the Law Society regulates 9,708 solicitors in Hong Kong with a current practising certificate.[1]

Structure of the professionEdit

  • 7,167 solicitors were in private practice in 908 firms.
  • Of these firms:
  • 2,805 were in partnerships or were sole practitioners.
  • 4,362 solicitors are assistant solicitors or consultants in firms.
  • 2,032 solicitors worked with private businesses (in-house) or in government (Department of Justice, etc.).

Foreign lawyersEdit

Foreign lawyers in Hong Kong come from 33 jurisdictions (at 30 September 2018)

  • 433 foreign lawyers employed by 85 foreign firms.
  • 1,100 foreign lawyers employed in local law firms.


  • Of all practising solicitors, 54% were men and 46% were women.
  • However, of the 934 trainee solicitors, 40% were men and 60% were women.



In 2006, the Society's income was HK$86.0 million, HK$46.26 million being raised through annual practising certificate fees and membership subscriptions.

In 2007, the Society's income was HK$91.6 million, HK$47.7 million being raised through annual practising certificate fees and membership subscriptions.

The fee for a practising certificate was HK$6,800 and the fee for membership subscription was HK$1,200.

The Society had an annual income budget of HK$80.6 million for 2007.[1]

In 2017, the Society generated an income of HK$103 million, out of which HK$47 million was raised through annual practising certificate fees. The annual practising certificate fee in 2017 was HK$5,000 and membership fee was HK$800.

List of presidentsEdit

  • 1950–51: C. Y. Kwan
  • 1957–58: K. Y. Kan
  • 1959–60: P. C. Woo
  • 1962–6?: Peter A. L. Vine
  • 1969–71: T. S. Lo
  • 1971–7?: Brian Mcelney
  • 1973–75: Peter C. Wong
  • 1975–76: I. R. A. MacCallum
  • 1976–77: K. L. Mak
  • 1977–79: C. H. Wong
  • 1979–81: Edmund Cheung
  • 1981–83: P. S. Wan
  • 1983–84: T. S. Tong
  • 1984–85: Tim Freshwater
  • 1985–87: Brian Tisdall
  • 1987–89: Simon Ip
  • 1989–92: Alfred Donald Yap
  • 1992–93: Ambrose Lau
  • 1993–96: Roderick Woo
  • 1996–97: Christopher Chan
  • 1997–2000: Anthony Chow
  • 2000–02: Herbert Tsoi
  • 2002–04: S. H. Ip
  • 2004–05: Michael Lintern-Smith
  • 2005–07: Peter C. L. Lo
  • 2007–09: Lester Huang
  • 2009–11: Huen Wong
  • 2011–12: Junius Ho
  • 2012–13: Dieter Yih
  • 2013–14: Ambrose Lam
  • 2014–16: Stephen Hung
  • 2016–2018: Thomas So
  • 2018–Incumbent: Melissa K. Pang

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