Lauredian Union

The Lauredian Union (Catalan: Unió Laurediana, UL) is a localist[1] conservative[1][2] political party in Sant Julià de Lòria, Andorra.

Lauredian Union
Unió Laurediana
HeadquartersSant Julià de Lòria
Political positionCentre-right
General Council
0 / 28


The party first contested national elections in 1997,[3] when it was one of several local parties to form an alliance with the Liberal Union in the parliamentary elections that year. The UL failed to win a seat,[3] but in the 2001 elections won two seats.[4] The party did not contest the 2005 elections,[3]

For the 2009 elections the party was part of the Reformist Coalition, which won 11 of the 28 seats.[5] In the 2011 elections the party won two seats,[6] supporting Democrats for Andorra. For the 2019 election, the party formed a 'third way' coalition alongside the Third Way party and several Independents. The coalition won 4 seats and 1853 votes.[2]


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