Ungmennafélag Laugdæla, commonly known as Laugdælir, is a sports club located at Laugarvatn in the southern part of Iceland. It was founded on 5 March 1908.[1]

Ungmennafélag Laugdæla
Founded5 March 1908; 114 years ago (1908-03-05)
LocationLaugarvatn, Iceland
ArenaÍþróttahúsið á Laugarvatni
ColorsOrange, Black


Founded1975; 47 years ago (1975)

ArenaÍþróttahúsið á Laugarvatni
LocationLaugarvatn, Iceland
Team colorsOrange, Black

Men´s basketballEdit

Recent historyEdit

In March 1983, Laugdælir finished first in its group in 2. deild karla and played KFÍ, Breiðablik and Íþróttafélag Menntaskólans á Egilsstöðum (ÍME) in they playoffs for the 2. deild championship and promotion to 1. deild karla. According to the rules at the time, each team would play the other three once and the team with the best win-loss record would be crowned champions. Laugdælir won two out of three games and finished tied with KFÍ and Breiðablik. As the rules did not count for any tie-breakers, the three teams were slated to meet again to decide the winner.[2] During the second try, KFÍ lost to Breiðablik in the first game, 78-77, but won Laugdælir in the second game 79-76. Laugdælir however won Breiðablik leaving the teams again tied, thus meaning that a third playoff would be held to decide the winner.[3] During the third playoff, KFÍ won Breiðablik but lost to Laugdælir. As Breiðablik won Laugdælir the teams were once again tied. Prior to the fourth playoffs, the Icelandic Basketball Federation decided that if the teams would once again finish tied, the team with the best scoring record would finish first.[4] The fourth playoff was held from 30 April to 2 May and there Laugdælir won both KFÍ and Breiðablik convincingly and were crowned 2. deild karla champions.[5]

In 2016 they finished with the best record in Division III[6] but lost to Gnúpverjar in the D3 finals. They still achieved promotion to Division II.[7]

In 2016-2017 they had a joint team with neighbouring club Hrunamenn and posted the best record in Division II[8] and defeated Gnúpverjar in the D2 Finals, claiming the Division II championship and a promotion to Division I.[9][10]

Laugdælir is the team that has won the most Division II championships (4).


1As Laugdælir/Hrunamenn, a joint team with Hrunamenn

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Women's basketballEdit

Laugdælir women's team participated in the top-tier 1. deild kvenna during the 1981-1982 season.[12]

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