List of Latin empresses

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The following is a list of the Latin empresses consort of Constantinople. Some empresses of the Latin Empire were monarchs, such as Yolanda of Flanders and the titular Catherine I of Courtenay.

Latin Empress consorts of ConstantinopleEdit

Picture Name Father Birth Marriage Became Empress Coronation Ceased to be Empress Death Spouse
  Marie of Champagne Henry I, Count of Champagne
1174 6 January 1186 9 May 1204 Never crowned 9 August 1204 Baldwin I
  Agnes of Montferrat Boniface I, Marquess of Montferrat
1187 4 February 1207 Never crowned 1207/1208 Henry
  Maria of Bulgaria Kaloyan of Bulgaria
- 1213 Never crowned after 1216
  Yolanda of Flanders Baldwin V, Count of Hainault
1175 1 July 1193 1216
husband's election
9 April 1217
at Rome
after June 1219
husband's death
24/26 August 1219 Peter
  Lady of Neuville Baldwin of Neuville in Artois 1175 1227 Never crowned 1228 Robert
  Berengaria of León Alfonso IX of León
1204 1224 1229
husband's accession
Never crowned 12 April 1237 John
  Marie of Brienne John of Brienne
April 1225 1234 Never crowned 25 July 1261
Fall of Constantinople
after 5 May 1275 Baldwin II

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