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Lat Masjid (IAST: Lāṭ Masjid, literally "Pillar Mosque") is a mosque in Dhar town of Madhya Pradesh, India. Named after the Iron pillar of Dhar (called "lāṭ" in Hindi), it is also known as Lat ki masjid, Ladh Masjid, Lath Masjid, or Jami Masjid of Dhar.

Lat Masjid
Lat masjid 1.JPG
Interior of the Lat Masjid
LocationMadhya Pradesh, India
FounderDilawar Khan
Date established1405 CE
The mosque is located in the south-eastern part of the former fortified city of Dhar



Fragments of the Iron pillar of Dhar

The mosque was built in 1405 CE by Dilawar Khan, the first Sultan of Malwa. Spolia from Hindu and Jain temples were used in its construction.[1][2][3]

The mosque is named after a now-fragmented iron pillar (called lat in Hindi), which is located in its compound.[4]


The pillars and carved brackets from the former temples can be seen in the colonnade of the mosque's inner courtyard.[5] Hindu and Jain-style carvings can be seen on these pillars.[1] One of the two gates of the mosque is also of Jain style.[4] The mihrabs and minbar of the mosque were designed by the Muslims.[1]


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