Laodice VII Thea

Laodice VII Thea Philadelphus (Greek: Λαοδίκη ἡ Θεά καὶ Φιλάδελφος, "Laodice the goddess and brother-loving", born after 122 BC–?), was a GreekSyrian princess of the Seleucid Empire and future queen of Commagene. She was the daughter of Greek–Syrian King Antiochus VIII Grypus and Greek Ptolemaic Princess Cleopatra Tryphaena (see Cleopatra VI of Egypt), a daughter of Ptolemy VIII Physcon.

Laodice married Mithridates I Callinicus, a prince and future king from the Kingdom of Commagene. The fathers of Laodice and Mithridates had arranged their marriage as part of a peace alliance between their kingdoms. Mithridates embraced the Greek culture. Laodice bore Mithridates a son, Antiochus I Theos of Commagene (c. 86 BC–38 BC). Antiochus became a prince and future king of Commagene.




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