Lanyu Weather Station

The Lanyu Weather Station (traditional Chinese: 蘭嶼氣象站; simplified Chinese: 兰屿气象站; pinyin: Lányǔ Qìxiàng Zhàn) is a weather station in Orchid Island, Taitung County, Taiwan.

Lanyu Weather Station
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General information
Typeweather station
LocationLanyu, Taitung County, Taiwan
Coordinates22°02′13.9″N 121°33′30.1″E / 22.037194°N 121.558361°E / 22.037194; 121.558361Coordinates: 22°02′13.9″N 121°33′30.1″E / 22.037194°N 121.558361°E / 22.037194; 121.558361


The weather station was constructed in 1940 during the Japanese rule of Taiwan and established under the name Red Head Island Weather Station (Chinese: 紅頭嶼測候所). The station was heavily damaged during the World War II by the United States Armed Forces. After the war ended, the station was restored to its original condition.[1][2]

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