Landesliga Schleswig-Holstein

The Landesliga Schleswig-Holstein is the new sixth tier of the German football league system and the second-highest league in the German state of Schleswig-Holstein, supplanting the Verbandsligen at that level in the state.

Landesliga Schleswig-Holstein
Map of Germany:Position of Schleswig-Holstein highlighted
Number of teams34
Level on pyramidLevel 6
Promotion toOberliga Schleswig-Holstein
Relegation to
Current championsSchleswig: TSV Altenholz
Holstein: TSV Pansdorf


The Landesliga was launched to start play in the 2017–18 season as part of realignments in the league system of Schleswig-Holstein[1] and as a solution to the problem of many teams promoted to the Verbandsliga ending up relegated or withdrawn after one season.[2]

The league is divided into two divisions of 16 clubs each, Schleswig (north-west) and Holstein (south-east), and teams promoted to or relegated from it will be assigned to a division based on geographical proximity, a practice called "flexible game operation" (German: flexibler Spielbetrieb).[1][3]

For the 2020–21 season, the Landesliga was temporarily expanded to three groups, each having 11 to 12 teams for a total of 34 after the previous season was curtailed.[4]

Founding members of the LandesligaEdit

The league was formed from the following clubs that have played in the following leagues in 2016–17:[5]

  • From the Schleswig-Holstein-Liga:[6]
    • TuS Hartenholm, 13th
    • TSV Kropp, 14th
    • Oldenburger SV, 15th
    • TSV Altenholz, 16th
    • TSG Concordia Schönkirchen, 17th
    • FC Kilia Kiel, 18th
  • From the Verbandsliga Nord-Ost:[7]
    • Gettorfer SC, 2nd
    • TSV Bordesholm, 3rd
    • Osterrönfelder TSV, 4th
    • Büdelsdorfer TSV, 5th
    • Heikendorfer SV, 6th
    • Eckernförder SV, 7th
  • From the Verbandsliga Nord-West:[8]
    • Husumer SV, 2nd
    • BSC Brunsbüttel, 3rd
    • Schleswig 06, 4th
    • TSV Rantrum, 5th
    • Blau-Weiß Löwenstedt, 6th
    • SG Geest 05, 7th
  • From the Verbandsliga Süd-West:[10]
    • SSC Phönix Kisdorf, 2nd
    • FC Reher/Puls, 3rd
    • VfR Horst, 4th
    • VfR Kellinghausen, 5th
    • SV Schakendorf, 6th
    • SV Todesfelde II, 7th
  • From the promotion round:[11]
    • TSV Klausdorf, Nord-Ost, 8th
    • TSV Pansdorf, Süd-Ost, 8th


Season Schleswig Holstein
2017–18 TSV Kropp VfB Lübeck II
2018–19 Husumer SV Oldenburger SV
2019–20 TSV Altenholz TSV Pansdorf
  • In 2020, the division champions were determined by points-per-game average after the season was terminated in May due to the coronavirus disease pandemic in Germany. TSV Kronshagen (Schleswig) and FC Dornbreite Lübeck (Holstein) were also promoted as runners-up.


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