Lan Lan (Chinese: 兰兰; 1969 - September 4, 1979) was a female giant panda[4] born in China. Along with Kang Kang, they were the first pair of giant pandas at the Ueno Zoo,[5] gifted to Japan by China after the normalization of relations between the two countries.[6]

Lan Lan
DiedSeptember 4, 1979[2]
Ueno Zoo, Japan[3]

Lan Lan and Kang Kang caused an immediate sensation when they arrived in Japan. [7] Subsequently, a so-called "panda boom" occurred in the country.[8] In 1974, this pair of giant pandas attracted 7.64 million visitors.[9]

Kang Kang and Lan Lan failed to give birth to babies. In September 1979, 10-year-old Lan Lan died of acute renal insufficiency complicated by uremia, and the fetus was found in its belly during the autopsy. [10]

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