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I'm not about to edit a template on my own judgment, but this stub template bothers me. The actual text of the template says, "This article about a carnivore..." Fine, for most purposes, but consider the Qinling Panda.

The Qinling Panda may be a carnivore in the sense of being a member of the Order Carnivora, but it subsists (of course) entirely on bamboo. Someone looking at that page and unaware of the other (I'll refrain from saying more technical, since I don't think it really is) definition of 'carnivore' could be left with the inaccurate perception that there's a meat-eating subspecies of Giant Panda wandering the mountains of China.

Mightn't it reduce the potential for confusion to rephrase it to, for example, "This article about a member of the taxonomical Order Carnivora?" The link to the appropriate page is still there, in case anyone wishes to pursue an understanding of Carnivora, but there is a lower chance of a casual reader winding up with nightmares about bloodthirsty pandas.

If this were a normal page, I'd make the edit myself, but I don't feel competent to much about with templates. (talk) 14:27, 14 December 2008 (UTC)Reply