Lambak, Brunei

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Lambak is a settlement on the northern outskirts of Bandar Seri Begawan, the capital of Brunei. It officially comprises two village subdivisions, namely Lambak 'A' and Lambak 'B',[1] which are under Berakas A, a mukim (subdistrict) in Brunei-Muara District.[2]

Lambak, Brunei is located in Brunei
Lambak, Brunei
Location in Brunei
Coordinates: 4°58′06.8″N 114°56′46.1″E / 4.968556°N 114.946139°E / 4.968556; 114.946139Coordinates: 4°58′06.8″N 114°56′46.1″E / 4.968556°N 114.946139°E / 4.968556; 114.946139
MukimBerakas 'A'
Sub-areasVillagesLambak 'A' and Lambak 'B'


Lambak is officially known in Malay as Kampung Lambak (Kampung is sometimes spelt as Kampong), which literally means 'Lambak Village'.


The area of Lambak is officially divided into Lambak 'A' and Lambak 'B' and designated as village administrative divisions,[1] the third-level and lowest subdivisions of Brunei.[2] They are among the subdivisions of Berakas A, a mukim or subdistrict within Brunei-Muara.[2] The community of each subdivision is headed by a ketua kampung or village head. The subdivisions serve the smallest population census by territory.


The public education level available in Lambak is only general primary, as well as the Ugama or Islamic religious primary education which is compulsory for Muslim pupils in the country. Primary education is provided at Datu Mahawangsa Primary School where as Lambak Religious School provides the Ugama.


Place of worshipEdit

There is a mosque in Lambak which provides a place of worship for its mainly Muslim residents, in particular the Jumu'ah or weekly congregational Friday prayers. Kampong Lambak Mosque was inaugurated in 1994 by Prince Sufri Bolkiah; it can accommodate 1,400 worshippers.[3]

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