Lake Trakošćan

Lake Trakošćan (Croatian: Trakošćansko jezero) is an artificial lake located in Trakošćan, Hrvatsko Zagorje, Croatia. The lake measures about 1.5 kilometres (1 mi) in length,[1] and around 17 hectares (42 acres) in area. Its average depth is 2.5 metres (8 ft). The water reaches temperatures up to 22 °C (72 °F) in summer. The lake freezes over for three months during the winter. At its inception, the lake functioned as a fish pond, but retained its architectural importance to the present day.[2]

Lake Trakošćan
Trakošćansko jezero
Lake Trakošćan and Trakošćan castle
LocationVaraždin County, Croatia
Coordinates46°15′40″N 15°56′13″E / 46.261°N 15.937°E / 46.261; 15.937Coordinates: 46°15′40″N 15°56′13″E / 46.261°N 15.937°E / 46.261; 15.937
Basin countriesCroatia
Surface area0.17 km2 (0.066 sq mi)
Surface elevation255 m (837 ft)

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