Lake Ontario Waterkeeper

Lake Ontario Waterkeeper is a Toronto-based environmental justice advocacy group founded in 2001, with Lake Ontario, the Great Lakes Basin, and allied waterways at heart. It is a licensed member of the New York-based Waterkeeper Alliance,[1] and a registered Canadian charity.[2] It is led by President Mark Mattson, an environmental lawyer, and Vice President Krystyn Tully.[3][4][5]

Lake Ontario Waterkeeper
TypeEnvironmental justice advocacy
HeadquartersToronto, Ontario, Canada
Official language
Mark Mattson
Key people
Krystyn Tully

Actions and initiativesEdit

In Summer of 2001 LOW triggered a $250 Million Federal Government remediation plan at Port Granby near Port Hope, Ontario. The dump, was established by Eldorado Mining and Refining Limited (and now managed by Cameco Corp.).[6] In 2005 LOW campaigned the City of Kingston, Ontario to disclose timely data about repeated sewage discharges into Lake Ontario.[7] In 2006 LOW produced "Heart of A Lake" concert tour to several cities in Ontario, Canada blending activism with art.[8] Starting in 2006 LOW started a campaign opposing the burning of tires by Lafarge operations in Bath, Ontario.[9] In 2007 LOW compelled the City of Toronto to disclose specific reasons why beaches are closed, and used the legal system to force the City to take responsibility.[3] Citing a "little-known provincial environmental guideline called F-5 that says municipalities must ensure that beaches are clean enough for swimming 95 per cent of the time." This builds on a 2006 LOW report "Investigating Municipal Beaches: Lessons from Bluffer's Park" which cited some beaches were closed to swimming 42 per cent of the time.[10]

In 2009, the organization launched Swim Drink Fish Music, an online music club which features rare and exclusive tracks by Canadian musicians.[11]

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