Lake Leynar[1][2] (Faroese: Leynavatn) is a lake on the island of Streymoy in the Faroe Islands.

Lake Leynar
Lake Leynar in the 1890s
Lake Leynar is located in Denmark Faroe Islands
Lake Leynar
Lake Leynar
LocationNear Frammi við Gjónna, Faroe Islands
Coordinates62°07′42.560″N 7°1′24.074″W / 62.12848889°N 7.02335389°W / 62.12848889; -7.02335389Coordinates: 62°07′42.560″N 7°1′24.074″W / 62.12848889°N 7.02335389°W / 62.12848889; -7.02335389
Native nameLeynavatn  (Faroese)
Basin countriesFaroe Islands
Surface area0.18 km2 (0.069 sq mi)
Surface elevation63 m (207 ft)

Lake Leynar is the sixth-largest natural lake in the Faroe Islands and it measures 0.18 square kilometers (0.069 sq mi).[3] It lies at an elevation of 63 meters (207 ft).[4] The valley and its contents is administered by the National Trust.[5] The lakeside is the location for the KOKS restaurant.[6]


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