Lai Chi Kok (Chinese: 荔枝角; Jyutping: lai6 zi1 gok3) is a neighborhood in New Kowloon, Hong Kong, east of Kwai Chung and west of Cheung Sha Wan. Mei Foo Sun Chuen is the largest housing estate in the area and also the largest in the HKSAR with 99 blocks. Administratively, it belongs to the Sham Shui Po District.[1][2]

Lai Chi Kok

View from Lai Chi Kok Park. Banyan Garden is at the far end. Mei Foo Sun Chuen phase 5 and 7 is on the left and right respectively.
View from Lai Chi Kok Park. Banyan Garden is at the far end. Mei Foo Sun Chuen phase 5 and 7 is on the left and right respectively.
 Hong Kong
DistrictSham Shui Po District
Time zoneUTC+8
Mei Foo Sun Chuen housing estate in Lai Chi Kok


Lai Chi Kok literally means "lychee corner", referring to a river named after a type of fruit tree native to China. The river once separated Cheung Sha Wan from Lai Chi Kok Bay, and a river from Butterfly Valley separated Cheung Sha Wan from Lai Chi Kok. At the innermost area of Lai Chi Kok Bay, namely present-day Lai King Hill Road, is a settlement called Kau Wa Keng.

The Qing government had set up a customs station in Lai Chi Kok, to collect customs duties after ceding Hong Kong Island and Kowloon Peninsula to the British.[3] After the lease of the New Territories, the British reclaimed Lai Chi Kok for military use. A torpedo storage facility was also erected on the west point of Lai Chi Kok Bay, an area near Kwai Chung.


Lai Chi Kok Hospital is a special hospital located on the original location of the cap. Its neighbour, the Lai Chi Kok Reception Centre, is managed by the Hong Kong Correctional Department. At one point, the Lai Chi Kok Incinerator was one of three incinerators in Hong Kong; however, it was demolished because it released pollutants into the Hong Kong air. The headquarters of the Kowloon Motor Bus was also in Lai Chi Kok, before being relocated; the site has since been replaced by a private housing project called Manhattan Hill.


The area is served by Mei Foo Station on the MTR Tsuen Wan Line and Mei Foo on the MTR West Rail Line. The MTR's Lai Chi Kok Station is actually in Cheung Sha Wan, not Lai Chi Kok. Mei Foo is a transportation hub due to its geographic location in the north-western end of Kowloon.[4] Lai Chi Kok Road is named after this place, but most part of the road lies outside Lai Chi Kok.


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