Laforge-1 generating station

The Laforge-1 is a hydroelectric power station on the Laforge River, a tributary of the La Grande River, and is part of Hydro-Québec's James Bay Project. The station can generate 878 MW and was commissioned in 1993-1994. It generates electricity through the reservoir and dam system.

Laforge-1 generating station
LF1 Feb2006.JPG
Aerial view of the Laforge-1 dam and reservoir
Official nameLaforge-1
LocationBaie-James, Quebec, Canada
Coordinates54°10′00″N 72°37′00″W / 54.16667°N 72.61667°W / 54.16667; -72.61667Coordinates: 54°10′00″N 72°37′00″W / 54.16667°N 72.61667°W / 54.16667; -72.61667
Opening date1994
Dam and spillways
ImpoundsLaforge River
Spillway capacity2,510 m3/s (88,640 cu ft/s)
CreatesLaforge-1 Reservoir
Surface area1,288 km2 (497 sq mi)
Power Station
Hydraulic head57.3 m (188 ft)
Turbines6 × 146.3 MW (Francis turbine)
Installed capacity878 MW
Hydro-Québec, The La Grande Complex visitor booklet, 2004, ISBN 2-550-41276-1

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