Labour Party of Hong Kong

The Labour Party of Hong Kong was a left-wing socialist political party that existed between 1964 and 1972 which called for self-government in Hong Kong and common ownership.

Labour Party of Hong Kong
ChairmanTang Hon-tsai
K. Hopkin-Jenkins
Founded21 July 1964 (1964-07-21)
Split fromDemocratic Self-Government Party
Democratic socialism
Political positionLeft-wing
Party flag
Flag of the Labour Party of Hong Kong.svg
Labour Party of Hong Kong
Traditional Chinese香港工黨
Alternative Chinese name
Traditional Chinese香港勞工黨

The party was established by two breakaway members from the Democratic Self-Government Party of Hong Kong, Tang Hon-tsai and K. Hopkin-Jenkins, and was joined by former civil servant G. S. Kennedy-Skipton as party secretary.[1] It claimed to be defined by close association with the policies of Britain and the Commonwealth, and to be straightforwardly socialistic, by concerning itself with workers, and promoting welfare and common ownership.[2]

Election performanceEdit

Municipal electionsEdit

Election Number of
popular votes
% of
popular votes
1967 1,262  3.16 
0 / 10


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