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Labashi-Marduk, (Akkadian translation, "May I not come to shame, O Marduk") [1]was king of Babylon (556 BC), and son of Neriglissar. Lâbâši-Marduk succeeded his father when still only a boy, after the latter's four-year reign. Most likely due to his very young age, he was deemed unfit to rule, and was murdered in a conspiracy only nine months after his inauguration[2] He is traditionally listed as a king of the Chaldean Dynasty, being, probably, the son of Neriglissar and his wife, the daughter of Nebuchadnezzar. Nabonidus was chosen next as the new king.

King of Babylon
Reign ca. 556 BC
Predecessor Neriglissar
Successor Nabonidus


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King of Babylon
556 BC
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