La zia smemorata

La zia smemorata (i.e. "The Amnesiac Aunt") is a 1940 Italian comedy film directed by Ladislao Vajda and starring Dina Galli.[1][2]

La zia smemorata
La zia smemorata poster.jpg
Directed byLadislao Vajda
Written byCesare Meano
Ladislao Vajda
Andrea Di Robilant
Guglielmo Emanuel
Story byAmedeo Castellazzi
StarringDina Galli
Nelly Corradi
Osvaldo Valenti
Music byEldo Di Lazzaro
CinematographyAlberto Fusi
Release date
  • 1940 (1940)


Jealous of his girlfriend, the lawyer Alberto Moretti is convinced that she spent a couple of days in a high mountain refuge in the company of the engineer Paolo Ravelli, a friend of the lawyer. However, it is only a misunderstanding and therefore, to clarify his position and restore the truth, the engineer proposes to his friend and his girlfriend to find the girl who in the shelter had passed herself off as the lawyer's girlfriend. However, an intrusive and bizarre aunt joins the party who, by meddling in everything, causes further misunderstandings and misunderstandings to no end. However, the group manages to discover that the mysterious girl was not the lawyer's girlfriend at all. The two slandered youths managed to re-establish the truth but, by dating, they also fell in love with each other. So in the end, it is also the lawyer, jealous and suspicious, who suffers the damage.



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