La Pau (Barcelona Metro)

La Pau is a Barcelona metro station located in the neighbourhood of the same name, in the Sant Martí district.

La Pau L2 platforms

The station is located underground of Carrer Guipúscoa and Carrer Ca n'Oliva. It was opened in 1982, serving then as the terminus of L4, which had just been extended to La Pau from Selva de Mar. In 1997 it became the northern terminus of L2, which had formerly been in Sagrada Família.

After several modifications on both lines, it has finally become the north-eastern terminus of L4, which is currently undergoing a substantial extension towards the future Sagrera railway station.


Preceding station   Metro Following station
Sant Martí
towards Paral·lel
L2 Verneda
Besòs L4 Terminus
Besòs L4 Santander
towards La Sagrera


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Coordinates: 41°25′23″N 2°12′19″E / 41.42306°N 2.20528°E / 41.42306; 2.20528