La Humanidad ('The Humanity') was a weekly anarcho-syndicalist newspaper published from La Paz, Bolivia. La Humanidad was founded in 1928 as the organ of the Federación Obrera Local de La Paz (FOL, 'Local Workers Federation of La Paz').[1] FOL had emerged from a split from the Marxist-oriented Federación Obrera del Trabajo.[2] Directors of the newspaper included Guillermo Pelaez, G. Maceda, D. Osuna and Luis Salvatierra. The newspaper opposed involvement of the labour movement in electoral politics. After just seven issues, the newspaper found itself indebted and unprofitable.[1]

La Humanidad
Founded1928 (1928)
Political alignmentAnarcho-Syndicalist
LanguageSpanish language
Ceased publication1928
HeadquartersLa Paz

References edit

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