L. Shankar discography

L. Shankar has served as an instrumentalist, composer, record producer, arranger and programmer on several recordings. He has released a number of his own recordings, in addition to appearing on other artists' albums. All credits are for violin, except where noted. This is not an exhaustive list of Shankar's works, but a select few titles.


Solo albumsEdit


  • Shankar & Gingger's One In A Million (2001 · Silverline)

with T. Viswanathan and T. RanganathanEdit

  • Pallavi: South Indian Flute Music (1973-Nonesuch)

with ShaktiEdit

with The EpidemicsEdit

as Shankar and GinngerEdit

  • Shankar & Ginnger (2001)
  • Celestial Body (2004 · Mondo Melodia)

Guest albumsEdit

Song: "In The Air Tonight" (1981) – Violin, vocal effects
Song: "I Missed Again" (1981) – Violin
Song: "Droned" (1981) – Violins, Tamboura, "Voice Drums"
Song: "Thirteen" – Electric violin
Song: "Take Your Clothes Off When You Dance" – Electric violin
  • Shadowfax's Esperanto (1992) – violin
  • White Sands OST (1992) – Percussion, violin, vocals
  • Adam Rudolph's Moving Pictures (1992) – Violin, vocals
  • Peter Gabriel's Blood of Eden (US) (1993) – Violin
  • Passion - Sources (1989) and (1993) – Violin, producer

Compilations / Box set appearancesEdit