Löwenkämpfer (The Lion Fighter) is an 1858 bronze equestrian statue by Albert Wolff, installed outside the Altes Museum in Berlin, Germany. An 1892 copy stands in front of the Philadelphia Museum of Art. The companion piece is Amazone zu Pferde, also installed outside the Altes Museum.[1]

English: The Lion Fighter
Sculpture of a nude man astride a horse. He aims a spear at an attacking lion.
The sculpture in 2011
ArtistAlbert Wolff
Year1858 (1858)
LocationBerlin, Germany
Coordinates52°31′08″N 13°23′55″E / 52.51893°N 13.39855°E / 52.51893; 13.39855Coordinates: 52°31′08″N 13°23′55″E / 52.51893°N 13.39855°E / 52.51893; 13.39855

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