Amazone zu Pferde (Kiss)

Amazone zu Pferde is an 1841 bronze equestrian statue by August Kiss, installed outside the Altes Museum in Berlin, Germany. It was based on a smaller clay model which August Kiss first built in 1839.[1] Amazone zu Pferde stands opposite its companion statue, Löwenkämpfer.[2]

Amazone zu Pferde
Sculpture of a nude, spear-wielding woman atop a horse. A big cat (panther or lion) attacks the horse.
The sculpture in 2005
ArtistAugust Kiss
Year1841 (1841)
LocationBerlin, Germany
Coordinates52°31′10″N 13°23′56″E / 52.5194°N 13.3989°E / 52.5194; 13.3989Coordinates: 52°31′10″N 13°23′56″E / 52.5194°N 13.3989°E / 52.5194; 13.3989

A bronze copy, cast in 1929, sits in front of the Philadelphia Museum of Art.[2] Zinc copies also exist in England, Italy, and elsewhere in Germany.[1]

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