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Lökbatan Mud Volcano (Azerbaijani: Lökbatan palçıq vulkanı), also known as Lok-Batan Mud Cone, is a mud volcano located in Absheron Peninsula near the settlement of Lökbatan in Qaradağ raion of Baku, Azerbaijan. The mud volcano erupted in 1977 and again, on October 10, 2001, when it produced large flames many tens of meters high.[1][2][3] The area since 1998 submitted to UNESCO's World Heritage Site tenative list.[4]

Lökbatan Mud Volcano
Highest point
Elevation100 m (330 ft)
Coordinates40°18′16″N 49°42′33″E / 40.30444°N 49.70917°E / 40.30444; 49.70917
LocationLökbatan, Absheron Peninsula, Azerbaijan
Mountain typeMud volcano


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