Líonraí Gaeilge

Líonraí Gaeilge is the Irish language term for Irish Language Networks. The Gaeltacht Act 2012 (Republic of Ireland) allowed for the formal designation by Foras na Gaeilge and the Irish Department of Media, Tourism, Arts, Culture, Sport and the Gaeltacht of certain areas as Líonraí Gaeilge or Irish Language Networks, outside the traditional Irish-speaking areas collectively known as the Gaeltacht. This would be done where the Irish language seemed strong enough to justify it.

In February 2018, Foras na Gaeilge announced that five areas - Belfast, Loughrea, Carn Tóchair, Ennis and the Dublin suburb of Clondalkin - were to be designated as the first Líonraí Gaeilge, subject to the committees in the networks co-formulating and adopting approved Irish language plans.[1][2] Foras na Gaeilge have said that they expect to also designate other areas outside the Gaeltacht as Líonraí Gaeilge.[3]

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