Kyiv National Economic University

The Kyiv National Economic University (Ukrainian: Київський національний економічний університет імені Вадима Гетьмана), is a higher educational institution in Kyiv, Ukraine, and a self-governing (autonomous) research National University.[2] The university was founded in 1906 as Higher commercial courses.[1]

Kyiv National Economic University
Державний вищий навчальний заклад «Київський національний економічний університет імені Вадима Гетьмана»
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Latin: Derzhavnyi vyshchyi navchalnyi zaklad "Kyivskyi natsionalnyi ekonomichnyi universytet imeni Vadyma Hetmana"
RectorLukianenko Dmytro Grygorovych
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Its estimated quality of education and researches puts the university on the third place in National ranking of the universities (Compass, 2012) in Ukraine.[3] According to one of the leading university rankings in the world (Eduniversal, 2015), KNEU occupied the second position among universities in Ukraine.[4] In 2020, in the same ranking, it took the third place among Ukrainian universities.[5]

The university was named in honour of Vadym Hetman in 2005.[1]

History of formation and developmentEdit

  • 1906 — Kyiv Higher Commercial Courses
  • 1908 — Kyiv Commercial Institute
  • 1920 — Kyiv Institute of National Economy (KINE)
  • 1934 — Kyiv Financial and Economic Institute
  • 1960 — Kyiv Institute of National Economy (KINE)
  • 1992 — Kyiv State Economic University
  • 1997 — Kyiv National University of Economics
  • 2005 — Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman
  • 2010-2014 — State Higher Educational Institution Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman — a self-governing (autonomous) research university

General informationEdit

The Kyiv National Economic University is the largest economic educational institution in Ukraine. It is recognized in Ukraine and in the world as a training center for economists, managers and lawyers.

The area of the university is 118,765 m² or 9.4 m² per student. Classroom foundation includes audiences for lectures, rooms for seminars and workshops, computer classes and more. The total area of fund classroom is 14,332.7 m². The university also has 6709 m² gyms area and own the stadium and 6 hostels. The number of students in Kyiv National Economic University is approximately 15,000.

The mission of the university is to make a significant contribution to social development through research, generation of new knowledge, their dissemination and training of competitive professionals and creative individuals.

Areas of activity:[6]

- introduction of high-level educational activities for obtaining higher education in the relevant specialties in accordance with the state order and contractual obligations and promoting the employment of graduates; - conducting research using the results obtained in the educational process, economic and state regulatory practice; - selection, training and certification of scientific and scientific-pedagogical staff of the highest qualification; - preparation of entrants and career guidance work with them, informing entrants and students about the situation and trends in the labor market; - advanced training and retraining, educational and professional consulting activities; - financial and economic, production and commercial, publishing, cultural and artistic, sports and health activities; - international activities for the implementation of joint educational, scientific and other programs and projects with foreign partners, primarily in the field of European integration; - formation of personality by means of patriotic, legal, ecological education, affirmation of participants of educational and scientific process of moral values, social activity, civic position and responsibility, healthy way of life, ability to think freely and self-organize in modern conditions.

Bachelor programsEdit

Main building


  • Student Tourist Club "Skify"
  • Center of master's training
  • Center of international relations
  • Foreign citizens teaching division
  • Department of science and postgraduate studies
  • Ukrainian institute of stock market development
  • Educational an methodical department
  • Institute of higher education
  • Primary trade-union organization of students and post-graduate students
  • Student academic council
  • Scientific student community
  • Students’ employment center “Perspective”
  • Library
  • Publishing house
  • Sport center “Economist”
  • Culture and arts center
  • Campus
  • Preventive medicine sanatorium

International organizations and programsEdit

Kyiv National Economic University is a member of the following international organizations and programs:

  • EDAMBA – "European Doctoral Programmes Association in Management and Business Administration".
  • EPLO – "European Public Law Organization".
  • EFMD – "European Foundation for Management Development".
  • BSUN – "Black Sea Universities Network".
  • "Magna Charta Universitatum".
  • TEMPUS – "Trans-European Mobility Programme for University Studies".
  • RSA – "Regional Studies Association". Archived from the original on 2008-12-19.
  • EAC – "European Arbitration Chamber".
  • "Alexander von Humboldt-Stiftung".
  • CES - "Council for European Studies at Columbia University".
  • the Ukrainian Bar Association Students League - "UBA Students League".

Campuses and buildingsEdit

  • Main building of KNEU
  • Building # 2, 3, 5, 6, 7 of KNEU
  • Library
  • Dormitories: I, II, III, IV, V, VI
  • Sport Complex “Economist”
  • Publishing house
  • Preventive medicine sanatorium

Institutes and facultiesEdit


  • Educational and research institute of economic development (1997)
  • Ukrainian institute of stock market development (1997)
  • Institute of higher education (2009)
  • Institute of financial controlling (2009)
  • Institute of encyclopedic research in economics (2009)
  • Institute of global economic policy (2009)
  • Institute of credit relations (2009)
  • French-Ukrainian institute of management (2010)
  • Institute of economics and management of agroindustrial complex (2010)
  • Institute of financial and economic research (2010)
  • Institute of modeling and informational systems in economics (2010)
  • Institute of accounting (2010)
  • Institute of socio-economic relations (2010)
  • Institute of legal research and law project work (2010)
  • Institute of marketing (2011)
  • Institute of innovative entrepreneurship (2011)


  • Economics and Management (1945)
  • International Economics and Management (1992)
  • Law (1993)
  • Personnel Management and Marketing (1965)
  • Accounting (1959)
  • Economics of Agro-Industrial Industry (1945)
  • Finance (1906)
  • Crediting (2003)
  • Informational Systems and Technology (1964)


  • KNEU College of Economics and Management
  • KNEU College of Economics in Kyiv
  • KNEU College of Information Systems and Technologies Kyiv
  • Simferopol College of KNEU
  • Romensky College of Economics of KNEU

National rankingsEdit

National rankingsEdit

  • Compass-2012 Rankings of Ukrainian universities:
    • in Overall Ranking – 3rd place;
    • in a Ranking by Subject «Business & Economics» – 2nd place;
    • in a Ranking of Universities in Central Region of Ukraine – 3rd place;
  • University Ranking «TOP-200 Ukraine», 2011/2012:
    • in Overall Ranking – 10th place;
    • among economic universities – 1st place;
  • Ranking by newspaper «Comments» - Ranking of Universities graduates of which are most wanted on the market, 2012. – 3rd place;
  • University Ranking by magazine «Dengi» (Money), 2012 :
    • Ranking in «Economics» – 2nd place;
    • Ranking in «Law» – 6th place;

International rankingsEdit

  • Eduniversal Ranking - «3 Palmes – EXCELLENT Business Schools nationally strong and/or with continental links»;
  • Eduniversal Best Masters ranking Eastern Europe:
    • Information Systems Management (Master in Information Systems in Management) - 4th place;
    • Engineering and Project Management (Master in Project Management and Consulting) – 6th place;
    • Accounting and Auditing (Master in Accounting and Auditing in Management of Business Enterprises) – 7th place;
    • Public Administration / Management (Master in Public Service) - 7th place;
    • General Management (Master in Management of Enterprises) – 9th place;
    • Marketing (Master in Marketing Management) - 9th place;
    • International Management (Master in Management of International Business) – 19th place;
    • Corporate Finance (Master in Financial Management) – 20th place;
    • Insurance (Master in Insurance Management) - 47th place;
  • Webometrics Ranking (Web Ranking of Universities);
    • KNEU – place 5154;
    • Master Training Centre of KNEU – place 1254.


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