Kvirike I of Kakheti

Kvirike I (Georgian: კვირიკე I) (died 918) was a Prince and Chorepiscopus of Kakheti in eastern Georgia from 893 to 918.

Kvirike I
კვირიკე I
Prince of Kakheti
Reign893 – 918
PredecessorPadla I
SuccessorPadla II
ReligionEastern Orthodox Church

He succeeded upon the death of Padla I of Kakheti, his possible father. In 914, he faced an Arab invasion led by Yusuf Ibn Abi'l-Saj who took hold of the fortresses of Ujarma and Bochorma, but the former was given back to Kvirike following his plead for peace. Next year, Kvirike forged an alliance with Constantine III of Abkhazia against his eastern neighbor Hereti, a principality in the Georgian-Albanian marchlands. The allies invaded Hereti and divided its major strongholds, with the Orchobi fortress being allotted to Kakheti. He was succeeded by his son, Padla II in 918.

He was succeeded by his son Padla II of Kakheti upon his death.


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