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State of Kuwait
Kuwait News Agency (KUNA)
(وكالة الأنباء الكويتية (كونا
KUNA logo
Agency overview
Headquarters Shuwaikh, Al Asimah
Coordinates: 29°20′37″N 47°56′52″E / 29.34361°N 47.94778°E / 29.34361; 47.94778
Agency executives
Website Official website

Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) is an official state news wire service based in Kuwait.

History and structureEdit

KUNA was established in 1956.[1] It was reorganized in 1976 as an independent body.[2][3] However, it functions as a branch of the Ministry of Information,[2][4] although it has an independent budget.[5]

The agency has a section with the title of Health and Environment which covers regularly updated news on environmental issues.[6]

As of 2009 the news agency had offices and correspondents in 33 countries.[5]


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