Shuwaikh (Arabic: الشويخ) is a seaside district of Kuwait City in Kuwait. It comprises eight blocks. Shuwaikh also has an industrial area, a port, a commercial area, a healthcare area and an education area; all of which form their own census-designated districts.[1]

Shuwaikh is located in Kuwait
Coordinates: 29°21′18″N 47°57′21″E / 29.35500°N 47.95583°E / 29.35500; 47.95583Coordinates: 29°21′18″N 47°57′21″E / 29.35500°N 47.95583°E / 29.35500; 47.95583[1]
Country Kuwait
GovernorateCapital Governorate
Elevation8 m (26 ft)
 • Total3,012


The area of Shuwaikh is partly industrial and partly rural. This area offers Souq al-Juma which is a Friday market that sells many things such as furniture, clothes, animals, new and used goods, and much more.[3] Shuwaikh is commonly recognized for the Shuwaikh port which is Kuwait's most important port because it contains a power station and water desalination which supplies all of Kuwait city.[4]

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