Kutaisi City Assembly

Kutaisi Municipal Assembly (Georgian: ქუთაისის საკრებულო) is a representative body in the city of Kutaisi, Georgia. currently consisting of 25 members; of these, 15 are proportional representatives and 10 are elected through single-member districts, representing their constituencies. It was established in the early 1990s, after Georgia's independence. The council is assembles into session regularly, to consider subject matters such as code changes, utilities, taxes, city budget, oversight of city government and more. Kutaisi sakrebulo is elected every four year. Currently the city council has 5 committees. The last election was held in october 2017. The ruling party of “georgian Dream” won the majority of votes. Current Chairperson of Kutaisi city Assembly is Irakli Shengelia[1]

kutaisi City Assembly

ქუთაისის საკრებულო
Coat of arms or logo
Irakli Shengelia[1]
Deputy Chairman
Ramaz Chkhikvadze[2]
Second Deputy Chairman
Teimuraz Nadiradze
Kutaisi City Assembly 2021.svg
Political groups
Majority (18)
  •   Georgian Dream (18)

Minority (17)

Mixed-member proportional representation
Last election
October 21, 2017
Next election
October 2, 2021


The members of the Sakrebulo are selected through a mixed electoral system. Of the 25 seats, 10 are filled through direct elections in local districts of the city. The remaining 15 members are chosen by political parties and are apportioned according to their support citywide. From 2017 counsel had 19 members from the ruling Georgian Dream, 4 from the United National Movement, and 2 from European Georgia.[3]


In accordance with the Code of Local Self-Government of the Organic Law of Georgia, the Sakrebulo exercises its powers to define the administrative-territorial organization of the municipality and its identity, organizational activities, determination of the personnel policy of the municipality, regulation and control of the activities of executive bodies; In the fields of municipal property management, social, amenities and household utilities, land use and natural resources use, municipal territory planning, transport and road economy, accounting, support for innovative development and informatization.[4]

The authority of the Sakrebulo in the field of administrative-territorial organization of the municipality and defining its identity includes:

  • Creation and abolition of administrative units in the municipality, change of their borders
  • Establishment of local self-government symbols - coat of arms, flag and other symbols and make changes in them
  • establish the rules for the introduction of honorary titles and awards of the self-governing unit and their award
  • names of geographical objects, Establishing the rule of numbering of buildings in the settlements
  • Making a decision on creating, joining or leaving a non-profit (non-commercial) legal entity together with other self-governing units.
  • approval of the socio-economic development strategy of the self-governing unit
  • approval of measures and programs to be taken to attract investments and support innovative development in the territory of the municipality[4]

Election resultsEdit

The most recent city council election was held on October 2 2021, and the results were as follows:

Party Lead candidate Votes % +/- Seats +/- Government
Georgian Dream Dimitri Mkheidze 25,957 39.21   9.94 18   1 Government
United National Movement Giga Shushania 24,893 37.60   14.23 14   10 Opposition
For Georgia Eleonora Archaia 4,440 6.71 New 2 New Opposition
Third Power Koba Guruli 2,168 3.28   0.64 1   1 Opposition
Lelo for Georgia Gia Gurgenidze 1,339 2.02 New 0 New Extra-parliamentary
Labour Party Samson Gugava 1,130 1.71   2.05 0 ±0 Extra-parliamentary
Girchi - More Freedom Dachi Dididze 1,073 1.62 New 0 New Extra-parliamentary
For the People Shota Chikovani 820 1.24 New 0 New Extra-parliamentary
Alliance of Patriots of Georgia Nona Asatiani 804 1.21   2.68 0 ±0 Extra-parliamentary
European Georgia David Gogisvanidze 733 1.11   10.82 0   2 Extra-parliamentary
Total 68,486 100.0 35 ±10
Electorate/voter turnout 153,861 44.53   0.81
Source: [1]

2017 election resultsEdit

Party Votes % Seats
Georgian Dream 25,435 49.15 19
UNM 12,091 23.37 4
European Georgia 6,173 11.93 2
Alliance of Patriots 2,015 3.89 0
Labour Party 1,944 3.76 0
Democratic Movement 1,480 2.86 0
Strategy Builder 1,365 2.64 0
Total 51,746 100.0 25
Source: [2]

Current committees of assemblyEdit

Committee Chair[5]
Committee on Legal Affairs Vlasi Gardapkhadze
Committee on Finance and Budget Kakhaber Bochorishvili
Committee on Economy, Property Management and Urban Economy Giorgi Cheishvili
Committee on Culture, Education, Youth Affairs and Sport Otar Lortkipanidze
Committee on Health and Social Affairs Commission Mamuka Rizhamadze

Council Members from 2017-2021Edit

Council Members from electoral districtsEdit

District Name[6] Party
Sapichkhia district Marekhi Nizharadze Georgian Dream
City-museum district Giorgi Cheishvili Georgian Dream
Nikea district Kakha Bochorishvili Georgian Dream
Kakhianouri district Eleonora Archaia Georgian Dream
Dzelkviani district Nikoloz Chechelashvili Georgian Dream
Gamarjveba district Irakli Shengelia Georgian Dream
Avtokarkhana district Merab Kvitsaridze Georgian Dream
Ukimerioni district Amiran Kopaleishvili Georgian Dream
Avtomshenebeli district Imeda Saghinadze Georgian Dream
Vakisubani district Mamuka Rizhamadze Georgian Dream

Council Members from proportional listEdit

Name Party[6]
Nikoloz Lataria Georgian Dream
Maia Simonidze Georgian Dream
Ramaz Chkhikvadze Georgian Dream
Alexander Akhaladze Georgian Dream
Otar Lortkipanidze Georgian Dream
Lasha Gvenetadze Georgian Dream
Nana Kostava Georgian Dream
David Tsuleiskiri Georgian Dream
Vlasi Gardapkhadze Georgian Dream
Grigol Shushania United National Movement
Besik Bregadze United National Movement
George Ukleba United National Movement
Vladimer Kldiashvili United National Movement
David Gogisvanidze European Georgia
Kote Ratiani European Georgia

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