Kuniaki Haishima

Kuniaki Haishima (蓜島邦明) is a Japanese musician and composer. He is known for his music in several anime and tokusatsu shows, as well as video games, films and dorama. His compositions for the Fuji TV series Tales of the Unusual are his most famous work, though he also composed the soundtrack for Metroid: Other M for the Wii, for which he is known abroad.[1]

Kuniaki Haishima
Occupation(s)Musician, composer



List of works in anime
Year Series Crew role Notes Source[2]
1996-1997 Adventures of Kotetsu Music OAV
1998 Neo Ranga Music [3]
1998 Gundam: Mission to the Rise Music TV special
1998 Spriggan Music feature film
1998–2000 Master Keaton Music TV series and OVAs [3]
1998-1999 Gasaraki Music
1999 Legend of Himiko Music [3]
1999-2000 Blue Gender Music TV series
2000-2001 Legendary Gambler Tetsuya Music TV series
2001-2002 Alien Nine Music TV special
2001 Run=Dim Music TV series
2002 Blue Gender: The Warrior Music Feature film [citation needed]
2002-2004 Macross Zero Music OVA [3]
2003 Dokkoida?! Music TV series
2003 Requiem from the Darkness Music [3]
2004-2005 Monster Music, Theme Song Arrangement, Theme Song Composition
2008 My-Otome 0: S.ifr Music

Live actionEdit

List of works in live-action television, tokusatsu and film
Year Series Crew role Notes Source
1993 Tokyo Babylon 1999 Music [citation needed]
2000 Tales of the Unusual Music with Toshihiko Sahashi
2004 Kagen no Tsuki (film) Music Last Quarter [citation needed]
2005 Shi15ya Music
2006-2007 Kamen Rider Kabuto Music
2006 Forbidden Siren Music
2006 Mushishi Music
2011 Taro no To Music
2016 Kamen Rider Amazons Music

Video gamesEdit

List of works in video games
Year Series Crew role Notes Source[2]
1995 Ultraman Music PS
1996 Maria Museum curse of MA.RI.A 人形館の呪い Music
1997 Kowloon's Gate Music PS1
1999 Lodoss War
Music PS
2004 Dokodemoissyo - Toro and the shooting star -
どこでもいっしょ -トロと流れ星-
Music PS
2006 Forbidden Siren 2 Music PS2
2010 Metroid: Other M Music Wii


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