Master Keaton

Master Keaton (Japanese: MASTERキートン, Hepburn: Masutā Kīton) is a Japanese manga series created by Hokusei Katsushika, Naoki Urasawa, and Takashi Nagasaki. It was serialized in Big Comic Original between 1988 and 1994, with the 144 chapters collected into 18 tankōbon volumes by Shogakukan.

Master Keaton
Master Keaton cover.jpg
Cover of an English DVD release.
(Masutā Kīton)
GenreAdventure, mystery, thriller[1]
Written by
Illustrated byNaoki Urasawa
Published byShogakukan
English publisher
ImprintBig Comics
MagazineBig Comic Original
Original run19881994
Volumes18 (List of volumes)
Anime television series
Directed byMasayuki Kojima
Produced by
Written byTatsuhiko Urahata
Music byKuniaki Haishima
Licensed by
Original networkNippon TV
Original run Season 1
October 5, 1998 –
March 29, 1999
Season 2 (direct-to-video)
July 23, 1999
June 21, 2000
Episodes39 (List of episodes)
Master Keaton Remaster
Written byTakashi Nagasaki
Illustrated byNaoki Urasawa
Published byShogakukan
  • Big Comics (regular edition)
  • Big Comics Special (deluxe edition)
MagazineBig Comic Original
Original runMarch 2012August 2014
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An anime adaptation was created by Madhouse, with 24 episodes airing between 1998 and 1999 in Japan on Nippon Television. An additional 15 episodes were created and released as original video animations (OVAs), bringing the total to 39 episodes. Naoki Urasawa and Takashi Nagasaki created a sequel to the series, titled Master Keaton Remaster. Set 20 years after the original series ended, it ran in Big Comic Original from 2012 to 2014 and was collected into a single volume.

The anime and OVA series were dubbed into English and released in North America by Pioneer Entertainment. Viz Media began releasing the manga in North America in 2014.


The story revolves around Taichi Hiraga-Keaton (平賀=キートン・太一, Hiraga-Kīton Taichi), the son of Japanese zoologist Taihei Hiraga (平賀太平, Hiraga Tahei) and well-born Englishwoman Patricia Keaton. Keaton's parents separated when he was five, and young Taichi moved back to England with his mother. As an adult, he studied archeology at Oxford University, in part under the tutelage of Professor Yuri Scott.

At Oxford, Keaton met and later married his wife, who was a mathematics student at Somerville College. The couple years later divorced, with Keaton leaving his five-year-old daughter Yuriko (百合子) in her mother's care. After leaving Oxford, Keaton joined the British Army and became a member of the SAS, holding the post of survival instructor and seeing combat in the Falklands War and as one of the team members that responded to the Iranian Embassy incident. His combat training serves him in good stead as an insurance investigator for the prestigious Lloyd's of London where he is known for his abilities and his unorthodox methods of investigation.

In addition to his work for Lloyd's, Keaton and his friend Daniel O'Connell operate their own insurance investigation agency headquartered in London. Even though Keaton is extremely successful as an insurance investigator, his dream is to continue his archaeological research into the possible origins of an ancient European civilization in the Danube River basin.



There is controversy over who wrote the stories for Master Keaton. Hokusei Katsushika is a pseudonym of manga story writer Hajime Kimura, who was also a co-writer of Golgo 13. Originally, Kimura created the series' story, while Naoki Urasawa did the artwork. However, after Kimura died of cancer in December 2004, Urasawa claimed in a May 2005 interview with weekly magazine Shuukan Bunshun that Kimura eventually stopped work as a story writer due to a personal conflict with Urasawa, after which Urasawa alone created both story and art. Because of this, Urasawa demanded that Katsushika's name appear smaller than his on the manga's covers. Manga story writer Kariya Tetsu, who was a close friend of Kimura and an influential figure at Shogakukan, opposed this action vehemently, which resulted in the discontinuation of the further publication of the manga as of July 2005.[citation needed]

In 2019, Urasawa said that he had the ideas for the characters and Master Keaton was very much based on that. He was also going to write the manga in addition to illustrating it, but because he was already writing Yawara!, the editorial team was concerned about a young artist being able to create both. They brought in story writers, but the stories they proposed did not match Urasawa's vision. So instead meetings were held to create stories for the manga. But eventually the editors changed, and these "intimate" meetings were no longer possible. This is when Urasawa took the lead on writing the stories. He said that for the last two volumes, it is fair to say he came of with the stories alone.[2]

Urasawa and Takashi Nagasaki began the sequel Master Keaton Remaster (MASTERキートン Reマスター, Master Keaton Remasutā) in 2012. When asked why he went back to a series after so many years, Urasawa stated it was because with the original series he had a hard time making the story he wanted due to contractual obligation, and because people affected by the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami said they had enjoyed the series, so he wanted to do something for them.[3]



Master Keaton was serialized in Big Comic Original from 1988 to 1994. The 144 chapters were collected into 18 tankōbon volumes by Shogakukan between November 1988 and August 1994. A kanzenban edition of the series, including color pages, was published in 12 volumes between August 30, 2011 and June 29, 2012.[4][5] During its initial magazine run and tankōbon release, Hokusei Katsushika was credited as its writer and Naoki Urasawa as its illustrator. The kanzenban reissue co-credits Katsushika and Takashi Nagasaki as the writers for the first five volumes, while Katsushika and Urasawa are co-credited as the writers from volumes six on.

Naoki Urasawa and Takashi Nagasaki created a sequel to the series, titled Master Keaton Remaster.[6] Beginning in the March 2012 issue of Big Comic Original it finished in 2014 and was collected into a single volume on November 28, 2014.[7] A deluxe edition including the full color pages from the magazine run was released the same day.[8]

In 2014, Viz Media licensed Master Keaton for release in North America.[9][10] Viz Media published the 12-volume kanzenban edition from December 16, 2014 to September 19, 2017.[11][12]

Volume listEdit

No. Title Japanese release date Japanese ISBN
1A Kahriman in DesertNovember 30, 1988[13]978-4-09-181691-7
  1. "A Man in Labyrinth" (迷宮の男, Meikyū no Otoko)
  2. "An Angel of Devil" (天使のような悪魔, Tenshi no Yōna Akuma)
  3. "Small Blue Lady" (小さなブルーレディー, Chīsana Burū Ledi)
  4. "Davide's Pebble" (ダビデの小石, Dabide no Koishi)
  1. "The Black and White Hot Sand" (黒と白の熱砂, Kuro to Shiro no Nessa)
  2. "A Kahriman in Desert" (砂漠のカーリマン, Sabaku no Kāriman)
  3. "A Back in the Back Street" (背中の裏街, Senaka no Ura Machi)
  4. "Summer Pudding Old Time" (遥かなるサマープディング, Harukanaru Samā Pudingu)
2The Hunting SeasonApril 28, 1989[14]978-4-09-181692-4
  1. "Journey of a Lady" (貴婦人との旅, Kifujin to no Tabi)
  2. "The Hunting Season" (狩人の季節, Kariudo no Kisetsu)
  3. "The Prey Season" (獲物の季節, Emono no Kisetsu)
  4. "The Harvest Season" (収穫の季節, Shūkaku no Kisetsu)
  1. "Fire & Ice"
  2. "La Vie en Rose" (薔薇色の人生, Barairo no Jinsei)
  3. "Red Moon"
  4. "Silver Moon"
3Message from AлекcеевJuly 29, 1989[15]978-4-09-181693-1
  1. "Paris Under the Roof" (屋根の下の巴里, Yane no Shita no Pari)
  2. "Little Bigman" (小さな巨人, Chīsana Kyojin)
  3. "Strange Story of Lasagne" (ラザーニェ奇譚, Razānye Kitan)
  4. "Message from Aлекcеев" (アレクセイエフからの伝言, Arekuseiefu Kara no Dengon)
  1. "A Bouquet for All" (すべての人に花束を, Subete no Hito ni Hanataba o)
  2. "Black Forest" (黒い森, Kuroi Mori)
  3. "Early Afternoon Adventure" (昼下がりの大冒険, Hirusagari no Dai Bōken)
  4. "Woman in Red" (赤の女, Aka no On'na)
4Dog DaysNovember 30, 1989[16]978-4-09-181694-8
  1. "Wall of Joy" (喜びの壁, Yorokobi no Kabe)
  2. "Negotiator's Rule" (交渉人のルール, Kōshō Hito no Rūru)
  3. "Ransom Rule" (身代金のルール, Minoshirokin no Rūru)
  4. "Flying Hero" (空飛ぶヒーロー, Soratobu Hīrō)
  1. "14 Steps" (14階段, 14 Kaidan)
  2. "Peaceful Death" (穏やかな死, Odayakana Shi)
  3. "Dog Days" (長く暑い日, Nagaku Atsui hi)
  4. "Family Moment" (家族の瞬間, Kazoku no Shunkan)
5White GoddessApril 28, 1990[17]978-4-09-181695-5
  1. "White Goddess" (白い女神, Shiroi Megami)
  2. "Charlie" (チャーリー, Chārī)
  3. "Apathetic Corpse" (無関心な死体, Mukanshin'na Shitai)
  4. "Noelle's Truce" (ノエルの休戦, Noeru no Kyūsen)
  5. "The Man from Hameln" (ハーメルンから来た男, Hāmerun Kara Kita Otoko)
  1. "The Man Who Came to Hannover" (ハノーファーに来た男, Hanōfā ni Kita Otoko)
  2. "The Man from Olmutz" (オルミュッツから来た男, Orumyuttsu Kara Kita Otoko)
  3. "The Circumstances of Mr. Keaton" (キートン先生の事情, Kīton Sensei no Jijō)
6The False TricolourJuly 30, 1990[18]978-4-09-181696-2
  1. "Hidden Treasure" (秘めたる宝, Himetaru Takara)
  2. "Blue Bird Gone" (青い鳥消えた, Aoi Tori Kieta)
  3. "Noah's Ark and the White Snow" (白い雪とノアの箱舟, Shiroi Yuki to Noa no Hakobune)
  4. "The False Tricolour" (偽りの三色旗, Itsuwari no Sanshokuki)
  1. "The False Union Jack" (偽りのユニオンジャック, Itsuwari no Yunion Jakku)
  2. "Safe House" (セーフハウス, Sēfu Hausu)
  3. "The People of Bakeneko Manor" (化け猫荘の人々, Bake Neko Sō no Hitobito)
  4. "Emblem of a Thistle" (アザミの紋章, Azami no Monshō)
7The Forest of David BobbidNovember 30, 1990[19]978-4-09-181697-9
  1. "Memories of Elsa Lanchester" (エルザ・ランチェスターの思い出, Eruza Ranchesutā no Omoide)
  2. "Resurrection of Elsa Lanchester" (エルザ・ランチェスターの復活, Eruza Ranchesutā no Fukkatsu)
  3. "Time in Agategreen" (瑪瑙色の時間, Menou-iro no Jikan)
  4. "A Scent of a Key" (匂いの鍵, Nioi no Kagi)
  1. "The Forest of David Bobbid" (デビッド・ホビッドの森, Debiddo Bobiddo no Mori)
  2. "The Return of David Bobbid" (デビッド・ホビッドの帰還, Debiddo Bobiddo no Kikan)
  3. "Dream of a Golden Key" (黄金の鍵の夢, Kogane no Kagi no Yume)
  4. "No Way Out" (出口なし, Deguchi Nashi)
8The Leopard's CageApril 27, 1991[20]978-4-09-181698-6
  1. "The Leopard's Cage" (豹の檻, Hyō no Ori)
  2. "The Eagle of Karun" (カルーンの鷲, Karūn no Washi)
  3. "Anatolia's Ant" (アナトリアの蟻, Anatoria no Ari)
  4. "Ant of a Dead City" (死の都市の蟻, Shi no Toshi no Ari)
  1. "The Mouse in a Water Well" (井戸の中の鼠, Ido no Naka no Nezumi)
  2. "The Noble Path of Gambling" (賭けの王道, Kake no Ōdō)
  3. "The Forbidden Fruit" (禁断の実, Kindan no Mi)
  4. "Santa from the West" (西からきたサンタ, Nishi Kara Kita Santa)
9The Wind of CornwallJuly 30, 1991[21]978-4-09-181699-3
  1. "The Law of Blood and Honor" (血と名誉の掟, Chi to Meiyo no Okite)
  2. "The Law of Love and Sadness" (愛と悲しみの掟, Ai to Kanashimi no Okite)
  3. "The Wind of Cornwall" (コーンウォールの風, Kōnuōru no Kaze)
  4. "The King's Tears" (王の涙, Ō no Namida)
  5. "The Adventure of the After-School Detective Team" (放課後探偵団の冒険, Hōkago Tantei-dan no Bōken)
  1. "Highland in the Eyes" (瞳の中のハイランド, Hitomi no Naka no Hairando)
  2. "May Fall in Love" (五月の恋, Gogatsu no Koi)
  3. "Chateau Lajonchee 1944" (シャトー・ラジュンシュ1944, Shatō Rajonshu 1944)
10Blue FridayJanuary 30, 1992[22]978-4-09-181700-6
  1. "The Masked Interior" (仮面の奥, Kamen no Oku)
  2. "Green Fugue" (緑のフーガ, Midori no Fūga)
  3. "Isis's Congratulations" (イシスの祝い, Ishisu no Iwai)
  4. "Blue Friday" (ブルーフライデー, Burū Furaidē)
  1. "Behind the Victory" (勝利の陰に, Shōri no Inni)
  2. "Whisky Cat's Village" (ウイスキーキャットの村, Uisukī Kyatto no Mura)
  3. "Praying Tapestry" (祈りのタペストリー, Inori no Tapesutorī)
  4. "Good Luck Comes with Rain" (幸運は雨と共に, Kōun wa Ame to Tomoni)
11Both Wings of an AngelJune 30, 1992[23]978-4-09-182851-4
  1. "Homecoming" (帰郷, Kikyō)
  2. "Both Wings of an Angel" (天使の両翼, Tenshi no Ryōyoku)
  3. "A Miscalculation of the Faker" (フェイカーの誤算, Feikā no Gosan)
  4. "Iron Fortress" (鉄の砦, Tetsu no Toride)
  1. "Special Menu" (特別なメニュー, Tokubetsuna Menyū)
  2. "Chance Meeting on Christmas Eve" (聖夜の邂逅, Seiya no Kaigō)
  3. "Trial in the Snowy Mountains" (雪山の審判, Yukiyama no Shinpan)
  4. "Family" (家族, Kazoku)
12Красный ВетерNovember 30, 1992[24]978-4-09-182852-1
  1. "Cheers to Catalonia" (カタルーニアに乾杯, Katarūnya ni Kanpai)
  2. "Crazy Sun" (狂った太陽, Kurutta Taiyō)
  3. "Op's Birthday" (オプの生まれた日, Opu no Umaretahi)
  4. "The Eternal Elm Tree" (永遠の楡の木, Eien no Nire no Ki)
  1. "Red Wind" (赤い風, Akai Kaze)
  2. "Crimson Sorrow" (赤き哀しみ, Akaki Kanashimi)
  3. "Into the Sky…" (空へ…, Sora e…)
  4. "Shoes and Violin" (靴とバイオリン, Kutsu to Baiorin)
13Knight of the LionMay 29, 1993[25]978-4-09-182853-8
  1. "Melancholic Bird of Passage" (渡り鳥の黄昏, Wataridori no Tasogare)
  2. "Present from the Dead" (死者からの贈り物, Shisha Kara no Okurimono)
  3. "The Forest where Gods Live" (神の棲む森, Kami no Sumu Mori)
  4. "Smile of Legend" (伝説の微笑み, Densetsu no Hohoemi)
  1. "Coward's Island" (臆病者の島, Okubyōmono no Shima)
  2. "Tom Bower and a Boy" (トム・バウワーと少年, Tomu Bauwā to Shōnen)
  3. "Knight of the Lion" (ライオンの騎士, Raion no Kishi)
  4. "Knight of the Silver Moon" (銀月の騎士, Gingetsu no Kishi)
14An Inhabitant in the Sunless WorldAugust 30, 1993[26]978-4-09-182854-5
  1. "The House of Roses" (バラの館, Bara no Yakata)
  2. "Wall of the Heart" (心の壁, Kokoro no Kabe)
  3. "The Day of the Interview" (面接の日, Mensetsu no Hi)
  4. "The Man in the Tower" (塔の男, Tō no Otoko)
  5. "Good Pub's Requirements" (いいパブの条件, Ī Pabu no Jōken)
  1. "Happy New Year" (ハッピーニューイヤー, Happī Nyū Iyā)
  2. "An Inhabitant in the Sunless World" (光なき世界の住人, Hikari Naki Sekai no Jūnin)
  3. "The Person Who Gave Light" (光をくれた女(ひと), Hikari o Kureta On'na (Hito))
15God-Given VillageJanuary 29, 1994[27]978-4-09-182855-2
  1. "The Immortal Man" (不死身の男, Fujimi no Otoko)
  2. "Private Tutor Keaton" (家庭教師キートン, Kateikyōshi Kīton)
  3. "The Ladies' Case" (御婦人たちの事件, O Fujin-tachi no Jiken)
  4. "City of Truth" (真実の町, Shinjitsu no Machi)
  1. "Detour" (寄り道, Yorimichi)
  2. "Detective Volunteering" (探偵志願, Tantei Shigan)
  3. "God-Given Village" (神の愛(め)でし村, Kami no Ai (Me) Deshi Mura)
  4. "Village where Saints Live" (聖者のいる村, Seija no Iru Mura)
16Sunset of LunadaleApril 28, 1994[28]978-4-09-182856-9
  1. "Sunset of Lunadale" (ルナデールの夕日, Runadēru no Yūhi)
  2. "Two Fathers" (二人の父親, Futari no Chichioya)
  3. "Great Detective Returns" (名探偵再登場, Meitantei Sai Tōjō)
  4. "Made in Japan I" (メイド・イン・ジャパンⅠ, Meido in Japan Wan)
  1. "Made in Japan II" (メイド・イン・ジャパンⅡ, Meido in Japan Tsū)
  2. "Made in Japan III" (メイド・イン・ジャパンⅢ, Meido in Japan Surī)
  3. "Love from Hell" (冥府からの愛, Meifu Kara no Ai)
  4. "Genius Director Lost" (失われた天才監督, Ushinawareta Tensai Kantoku)
17The Day I Become a ScholarJune 30, 1994[29]978-4-09-182857-6
  1. "Forgotten at the Wall" (壁の忘れもの, Kabe no Wasuremono)
  2. "Final Challenge" (最後の挑戦, Saigo no Chōsen)
  3. "Mount Bental's Oath" (ベンタヌ山の誓い, Bentaru-zan no Chikai)
  4. "Judgment of the Mountain" (山の裁き, Yama no Sabaki)
  1. "The Day I Become a Scholar" (学者になる日, Gakusha ni Naru Hi)
  2. "One Who Succeeds a Dream" (夢を継ぐ者, Yume o Tsugu Mono)
  3. "Busy Today" (本日多忙なり, Honjitsu Tabōnari)
  4. "Prayer for School Success" (合格祈願, Gōkaku Kigan)
18A Digger for DreamAugust 30, 1994[30]978-4-09-182858-3
  1. "To Romania!!" (ルーマニアへ!!, Rūmania e!!)
  2. "Ceausescu's Children" (チャウシェスクの子供達, Chaushesuku no Kodomodachi)
  3. "Escape from Bucharest!!" (ブカレスト脱出!!, Bukaresuto Dasshutsu!!)
  4. "TA89"
  5. "Ceausescu's Hidden Fortune" (チャウシェスクの隠し財産, Chaushesuku no Kakushi Zaisan)
  1. "Village Massacre" (虐殺の村, Gyakusatsu no Mura)
  2. "Last Extremity" (絶体絶命, Zettaizetsumei)
  3. "A Digger for Dream" (夢を掘る人, Yume o Horu Hito)


An anime adaptation covering a portion of the manga's select chapters aired between October 5, 1998 and March 29, 1999 in Japan on Nippon TV. The series was produced by Madhouse, Nippon Television, Shogakukan and VAP and directed by Masayuki Kojima, with Tatsuhiko Urahata handling series composition, Kitarō Kōsaka designing the characters and Kuniaki Haishima composing the music. Originally consisting of 24 episodes, an additional 15 episodes were created and released as original video animations, bringing the total to 39 episodes. Each episode is a complete story. The anime is narrated by Keaton Yamada.

The opening theme "Railtown" is by Kuniaki Haishima. The ending theme for episodes 1-13 is "eternal wind" by Blüe, Tameiki (ため息, A Sigh) by Kneuklid Romance for episodes 14–26, and "from beginning" by Kuniaki Haishima for episodes 27–39. New ending themes were used for the anime's 2007 rebroadcast; "Tsuki to Kimi to Boku no Kankei" (月と君と僕の関係, Connection Between Me, You and the Moon) by Kneuklid Romance for episodes 1-13 and "EVER" by Blüe for episodes 14–24.

The anime and OVAs were licensed in North America by Pioneer Entertainment (later named Geneon), with an English dub produced by The Ocean Group. They released eight DVDs between June 10, 2003 and August 10, 2004. Each DVD had 5 episodes, except the last one, which had 4.

Episode listEdit

Episode Title Directed by Written by Original air date
Transcription: "Meikyū no otoko" (Japanese: 迷宮の男)
Shinichi MasakiShinzō FujitaOctober 5, 1998 (1998-10-05)
Leon Papas, a former mercenary soldier, dies suspiciously in Greece and his beneficiary is Ox Bayer, a shady art dealer. Lloyd's sends Keaton to investigate and he discovers that Bayer is after the ancient coins of Ithaki island which Papas salvaged and are being held by his lover Sophia. Keaton exposes Bayer and accepts one of the coins from Sophia in return.
Transcription: "Chīsana kyojin" (Japanese: 小さな巨人)
Masayuki KojimaShinzō FujitaOctober 12, 1998 (1998-10-12)
In Düsseldorf, Germany, bounty hunters led by Little Giant stake out terrorist cell, including a former German Red Army member, Rosa Raine who wants to surrender. Keaton is hired by her wealthy family to protect her and has to work with the bounty hunters to save her.
Transcription: "Razānye kitan" (Japanese: ラザーニェ奇譚)
Mamoru KanbeTomoko OgawaOctober 19, 1998 (1998-10-19)
Following Marco Belnine's death in Florence, Italy, his mother asks Keaton to retrieve Flora, her nine-year-old granddaughter, from her mother in a tug of war over the child. However, as Keaton comes to know the child, he decides to take Flora to her mother in Marseilles, France instead.
Transcription: "Fujimi no otoko" (Japanese: 不死身の男)
Hiroshi HaraHideo TakayashikiOctober 26, 1998 (1998-10-26)
Keaton saves the "immortal", Andrei Semionov from the Russian Mafia and Andrei reveals the secret of the "Romanov Treasures”. However, Andrei is also a storyteller and a swindler.
Transcription: "Yane no shita no Pari" (Japanese: 屋根の下の巴里)
Shinsaku SasakiHideo TakayashikiNovember 2, 1998 (1998-11-02)
At the Simons Adult Education Center in Paris, Keaton provides a series of guest lectures before the building is to be demolished. Meanwhile his daughter Yuriko arrives, and Keaton reminisces about his past and desire to be an archaeologist.
Transcription: "Shiroi megami" (Japanese: 白い女神)
Hiroshi AoyamaTatsuhiko UrahataNovember 9, 1998 (1998-11-09)
Keaton meets Anna Plummer on Scilly Islands of England, who is protecting an ancient matriarchal archaeological site from development by the son of the previous owner. Keating, and then the wife of the former owner, join Anna to stop the bulldozers.
Transcription: "Harukanaru samāpudingu" (Japanese: 遥かなるサマープディング)
Nanako ShimazakiHideo TakayashikiNovember 16, 1998 (1998-11-16)
Taichi Keaton, hopes to spend the summer vacation in Japan alone with his daughter Yuriko, in a farmhouse where he spent summers as a boy, however Yuriko also invites his father, hoping for them to want to reconcile with the wives who left them to reunite the family. Instead, the men resurrect her grandmother Patricia’s garden to be able to recreate the pudding she made in summer when Taichi was a child.
Transcription: "Kōshō hito no rūru" (Japanese: 交渉人のルール)
Mitsuo HashimotoHideo TakayashikiNovember 23, 1998 (1998-11-23)
Shuji Takita of manager of Yazawa Electronics in Wales is kidnapped. Lloyds's send Keaton in to negotiate, but then refuse to pay the ransom because Takita quit the day before the kidnapping. However, Keaton stays and successfully negotiates Takita's return.
Transcription: "Kifujin to no tabi" (Japanese: 貴婦人との旅)
Hiroshi HaraTomoko KonparuNovember 30, 1998 (1998-11-30)
Keaton meets an arrogant old lady on a train from Germany to Switzerland who claims to be a descendant of Bohemian nobility and pursued by the Czech Secret Service. He helps her out, even with crossing the border although he realizes the stories she tells him are false. However, she finally gives him a valuable ring proving her last story was true.
Transcription: "Chārī" (Japanese: チャーリー)
Jōji ShimuraShinzō FujitaDecember 7, 1998 (1998-12-07)
Charlie Chapman, a famous detective, appears to solve the murder case of an art dealer. However, Keaton, his childhood friend, suspects that the suspect was framed, successfully points Charlie towards the real culprit.
Transcription: "Tokubetsu na menyū" (Japanese: 特別なメニュー)
Hiroshi AoyamaHideo TakayashikiDecember 14, 1998 (1998-12-14)
Keaton assists Roddy, a young Englishman, to become a Chinese chef in London with the help of a secret recipe which Yuriko obtains from a traditional Chinese restaurant in Japan.
Transcription: "Gofujin-tachi no jiken" (Japanese: 御婦人たちの事件)
Nanako ShimazakiShinzō FujitaDecember 21, 1998 (1998-12-21)
Keaton initially accepts the police results in the high-profile murder case of the murder of Liddy Wain by her nephew Thomas Little. However Keaton is pressed by an elderly woman who loves detective movies pursue the truth behind the case and discover that the jealous wife of Wain's long time lover Walter Goldman is the murderer.
Transcription: "Odayaka na shi" (Japanese: 穏やかな死)
Masayuki KojimaTatsuhiko UrahataDecember 28, 1998 (1998-12-28)
IRA terrorist Richard Connelley finds his conscience and seeks Keaton's help to locate and defuse a bomb he built which has been hidden by the IRA in a crowded shopping mall. Keaton uses his SAS training and knowledge of chemistry to stop it from exploding.
Transcription: "Kokoro no kabe" (Japanese: 心の壁)
Hiroshi HaraHideo TakayashikiJanuary 4, 1999 (1999-01-04)
A German businessman asks Keaton to help locate his pregnant wife who he left behind in East Germany when he fled to the West. Keaton finds that his wife was sent to a labor camp where she had a daughter, but later died. Her daughter was adopted out and sexually abused, and planned revenge against her biological father. However, Keaton finds her and they are successfully reunited.
Transcription: "Nagaku atsui hi" (Japanese: 長く暑い日)
Kō MatsuoTatsuhiko UrahataJanuary 11, 1999 (1999-01-11)
On a long hot day, Keaton tracks down a man deep in the mountains of Spain who owes money to the insurance company for a false claim. However, the man lets loose his ex-military attack dog which kills the taxi driver and then pursues Keaton. Keaton eventually traps the dog, and its owner is arrested.
Transcription: "Eien no nire no ki" (Japanese: 永遠の楡の木)
Hiroshi AoyamaTomoko KonparuJanuary 18, 1999 (1999-01-18)
The Earl of Fenders' bankruptcy leaves him a broken man, like his favorite elm tree which was struck by lightning. However, his son Robert, misses his father's overbearing personality as motivation to create his music. Robert engages Keaton to restore the father's interest in life.
Transcription: "Bara no yakata" (Japanese: バラの館)
Toshiharu SatoShinzō FujitaJanuary 25, 1999 (1999-01-25)
Edmond Lyman is found murdered in his rose garden and the chief suspect, the gardener Eric, has disappeared. The widow Flora fears for her life and hires Charlie Chapman, as her bodyguard. However, Keaton is suspicious, and discovers a thorny secret which stems from his investigation that Flora killed both Edmond and Eric whose body she buried in the rose garden.
Transcription: "Feikā no gosan" (Japanese: フェイカーの誤算)
Fumihiro YoshimuraHideo TakayashikiFebruary 1, 1999 (1999-02-01)
Keaton visits his old friend, Professor Bennington, who is running for Chancellor to save Lambeth College. He is targeted by a pair of con men who fake a car accident and demand a large sum of money, but later sympathize with his situation. When his corrupt opponent, Professor Stephane tries to take advantage, the con men target him instead.
Transcription: "Sora e…" (Japanese: 空へ…)
Satoshi KuwabaraTsutomu KanekoFebruary 8, 1999 (1999-02-08)
Keaton's daughter Yuriko meets a childhood friend who wants to free a hawk and she takes him into the woods to which he is completely unaccustomed. Keaton and the boy's father secretly follow out of concern for the boy who also desperately wants to be free.
Transcription: "Okubyōmono no shima" (Japanese: 臆病者の島)
Nanako ShimazakiShinzō FujitaFebruary 15, 1999 (1999-02-15)
In blaze of gunfire Polish gangsters takes over Keaton's hotel on Cara Island, Scotland. Keaton and an old former mercenary appear cowardly by their inaction, but then use their experience to overcome their captors despite being outnumbered by the armed professionals.
Transcription: "Azami no monshō" (Japanese: アザミの紋章)
Shinsaku SasakiTomoko KonparuFebruary 22, 1999 (1999-02-22)
Keaton flies to Scotland to investigate the provenance of a Scottish watch engraved with an unknown coat of arms preserved in a shrine in Japan. He discovers the long history of the lord behind the crest, Angus T. Carmichael, who took his whisky-making skills to Japan and his connection to a sake made near the Japanese shrine.
Transcription: "Shatō rajonshu 1944" (Japanese: シャトー・ラジョンシュ1944)
Kitarō KōsakaTomoko KonparuMarch 1, 1999 (1999-03-01)
The owner of a vineyard in Burgundy is in financial difficulty from trying to reproduce the extraordinary vintage wine Chateau Lajonchee 1944. Keaton visits to insure the only bottle of the vintage which still exists, meanwhile the owner must make difficult financial decisions to ensure the vineyard’s viability.
Transcription: "Deguchi nashi" (Japanese: 出口なし)
Toshiharu SatoShinzō FujitaMarch 8, 1999 (1999-03-08)
Keaton captures the criminal Bruce Kendall in the Lake District, and he decides to escort him cross country by foot to avoid Kendall's men. Keaton overcomes several incidents along the way, until they meet a disillusioned Kendall supporter and psychopathic killer who plans to kill them both and leave them in the bottomless swamp. However, Keaton manages to disarm him and walks them both to the waiting police.
Transcription: "Opu no umareta hi" (Japanese: オプの生まれた日)
Hiroshi AoyamaTatsuhiko UrahataMarch 15, 1999 (1999-03-15)
Keaton recalls the first time he met Daniel O'Connel, 10 years ago at an archaeological excavation in White Wells, Yorkshire, when Keaton helped Daniel solve the suspicious death of an assistant archaeologist.


Episode Title Directed by Written by Original release
Transcription: "Sabaku no kāriman" (Japanese: 砂漠のカーリマン)
Hiroshi HaraTomoko KonparuMarch 22, 1999 (1999-03-22)
Keaton visits an archaeological excavation by Prof Takakura in the Taklimakan Desert of Xinjiang within the Uygur Autonomous Region of China. After Takakura excavates against the wishes of the local leader, Keaton and the excavation team are left for dead in the desert. Using his survival skills, Keaton manages to lead the group to safety.
Transcription: "Kazoku" (Japanese: 家族)
Toshiharu SatoHideo TakayashikiMarch 29, 1999 (1999-03-29)
In Leipzig, a former East German Olympic swimmer who was accused of doping Karl Neumann, shares an abandoned building with Yugoslavian migrants and stands up to a group of nationalist skinheads. Keaton is asked by Neumann's former competitor to find him, but after saving a Yugoslavian boy from drowning, Neumann decides to stay with their community.
Transcription: "Akai kaze" (Japanese: 赤い風)
Kō MatsuoSeishi MinakamiJuly 23, 1999 (1999-07-23)
Three Russian boys, Stefan, Mikhail and Nikolai vowed to always remain comrades. Many years later, Russian businessman, Stefan Razin, is in the United Kingdom to attend an air show and his two bodyguards are murdered. Razin asks Keaton to protect him from a potential KGB assassin. The assassin is in fact Mikhail who accuses Stefan of killing Nikolai, and in a confrontation, Stefan and Mikhail end up killing each other.
Transcription: "Arekuseiefu kara no dengon" (Japanese: アレクセイエフからの伝言)
Masayuki KojimaDaisuke AranishiAugust 21, 1999 (1999-08-21)
While visiting a resort on Formentera island in Spain, Keaton meets Sendel who tells of his part in the Spanish Civil War 50 years ago. He fought with Russian agents, Tomski and Alexeyev, but their friendship became a tale of passion and betrayal. However, Keaton's joy for life convinces Sendel to abandon revenge for the events which occurred in the past.
Transcription: "Kindan no mi" (Japanese: 禁断の実)
Yasuhiro MatsumuraTomoko OgawaSeptember 22, 1999 (1999-09-22)
Keaton crashes a party for the newest board member of a premiere accounting firm in the United Kingdom. He is investigating the suspicious deaths of three board members, but when the culprit is exposed through using fruit of the poisonous monkshood plant, he kills himself rather than being arrested.
Transcription: "Hitomi no naka no Hairando" (Japanese: 瞳の中のハイランド)
Shinsaku SasakiToshiki InoueOctober 21, 1999 (1999-10-21)
In Finchfield, Essex, Keaton attempts to rescue the artist Mr. Douglas who is forced to paint forgeries. However Douglas has little interest in escaping because of his extreme short-sightedness and his shattered confidence. Eventually, Keaton's persistence prevails and they escape together.
Transcription: "Nioi no kagi" (Japanese: 匂いの鍵)
Hiroshi HaraShinzō FujitaNovember 21, 1999 (1999-11-21)
While in Dresden Mr. Heinen engages Keaton to investigate the untimely death of his elderly friend Seidel who lacked a "scent of death". Keaton finds that there was a scent of peaches about him, similar to the smell of the poison, potassium cyanide. Keaton identifies the killer as the former case officer of Heinen and Seidel who were spies for the East German government and who is seeking to cover his tracks.
Transcription: "Senaka no ura machi" (Japanese: 背中の裏街)
Nanako ShimazakiTomoko KonparuDecember 22, 1999 (1999-12-22)
A woman gives money to Keaton's father Tahei because she believes that he is her biological father, but Tahei asks Keaton to track her down and return the money. Keaton finds her, but she is depressed and suicidal because her boyfriend and business partner stole their business information. Keaton steals the data back for her, but he also realizes that she is not the daughter of his father.
Transcription: "Tenshi no yōna akuma" (Japanese: 天使のような悪魔)
Susumu IshizakiDaisuke AranishiFebruary 21, 2000 (2000-02-21)
Keaton is sent to Florence to find Hiroshi Matsui, a Japanese art student who is studying at Massachino Art Institute of Higher Learning, as he is the beneficiary of a will. However he has been missing for some weeks, and is believed to be involved with a man called Meda in the Red Brigades terrorist group. Keaton discovers that Hiroshi’s flatmate is in fact Meda, who duped Matsui to steal his money.
Transcription: "Menō-iro no jikan" (Japanese: 瑪瑙色の時間)
Masayuki Kojima
Masaaki Kumatani
Yoshiaki KawajiriMarch 23, 2000 (2000-03-23)
Keaton travels through Cornwall with his daughter, Yuriko. He recalls the time in his youth when stayed there with his grandmother where he learned about the limited opportunities for the locals, and their resentment towards the wealthy summer holidaymakers. However, he met the kindly bus driver Chris who looked after him and took him to a special place where the sea appeared in a beautiful agate color.
Transcription: "Gogatsu no koi" (Japanese: 五月の恋)
Kitarō KōsakaTomoko KonparuApril 21, 2000 (2000-04-21)
While Keaton rests his broken leg in hospital, his daughter Yuriko becomes involved with an elderly Japanese woman in London when her bag is snatched. Later, Yuriko helps the woman track down an Englishman she met 50 years ago in Japan and helps to reunite them.
Transcription: "Burū furaidē" (Japanese: ブルーフライデー)
Hiroshi HaraTomoko KonparuMay 24, 2000 (2000-05-24)
Keaton chases after an elusive insurance beneficiary while his partner Daniel romances a beautiful woman he met recently. However, Keaton discovers that the woman is a working for the family of the deceased who do not want the beneficiary found.
Transcription: "Mensetsu no hi" (Japanese: 面接の日)
Shigeru KimiyaTatsuhiko UrahataMay 24, 2000 (2000-05-24)
Keaton is unsure about pursuing a career as an archaeologist and has an interview scheduled at Tozai University. However, he allows himself to be distracted by his father who becomes involves with a Malayan Tiger and Chinese gun-runners.
Transcription: "Kariudo no kisetsu zenpen" (Japanese: 狩人の季節 前編)
Shinsaku SasakiShinzō FujitaJune 21, 2000 (2000-06-21)
In Earls Court, London, a knife-wielding man murders Paul Sparrow, a former military agent and who is now involved in heroin importation. Later, the same man saves a woman, Clare, from a group of Corsicans, killing the leader. Chief Otter leads an investigation into the deaths and their main suspect is the former SAS officer, James Wolf. Meanwhile, Wolf shelters Clare, who worked for Leo Hannah, a boss in the Corsican Mafia and trader in women and drugs. Wolf tries to buy Clare's freedom, but Hannah is only interested in revenge. Meanwhile Keaton is called in to hunt Wolf, his former instructor in the SAS.
Transcription: "Kariudo no kisetsu kōhen" (Japanese: 狩人の季節 後編)
Masayuki KojimaShinzō FujitaJune 21, 2000 (2000-06-21)
Keaton meets Wolf who reveals that he became involved with Sparrow and Swan to undermine the Corsican Mafia who sold drug to his daughter. However, they joined forces with the Corsicans instead. Meanwhile, Hannah takes Clare hostage to trap Wolf, but Wolf and Keaton break into Swan's mansion and save Clare. Otter arrests Swan and breaks the drug ring, but Wolf escapes, the hunter now being hunted.


On TV Asahi's Manga Sōsenkyo 2021 poll, in which 150.000 people voted for their top 100 manga series, Master Keaton ranked #49.[31]

Viz Media's release of Master Keaton was nominated for the "Best U.S. Edition of International Material—Asia" category two years in a row at the 2015 and 2016 Eisner Awards.[32][33] The series was also included on the Young Adult Library Services Association's 2016 list of Great Graphic Novels for Teens.[34]


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