Kukisvumchorr (Russian: Кукисвумчорр) is a mountain part of the Khibiny Mountains mountain range in Russia. It is located near the centre of the range. The summit is bare and stony, while the sides are covered with tundra vegetation. The mountain has an interesting mineralogy, notable for its composition of nepheline syenite.[1] Apatite is mined from the area.[2] The nearby Kukisvumchorr Microdistrict shares the same name as the mountain. An earthquake occurred on 21 October 2010 of magnitude 3.2; mining was suspected as a potential cause.[3]

Highest point
Elevation1,143 m (3,750 ft)
Coordinates67°41′44″N 33°43′14″E / 67.69556°N 33.72056°E / 67.69556; 33.72056
RegionMurmansk region
Parent rangeKhibiny Mountains


On the plateau of Kukiscumchorr
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