The Kuchma Government was created after the Ukrainian parliament had ousted the previous Cabinet of Vitold Fokin on 1 October 1992; it contained some of the ministers of its predecessor.

Kuchma Government
2nd Cabinet of Ukraine (since 1991)
Date formed27 October 1992
Date dissolved21 September 1993
People and organisations
Head of stateLeonid Kravchuk (since Dec. 1991)
Head of governmentLeonid Kuchma
Status in legislatureMajority
Outgoing election4 June 1990
Incoming formationFokin government
Outgoing formationSecond Masol government
PredecessorVitold Fokin
SuccessorVitaliy Masol

On13 December 1992, 316 deputies voted for the appointment of Leonid Kuchma, general director of the PA Pivdenmash, as Prime Minister of Ukraine. His new government was Ukraine's second since Ukraine gained its independence in August 1991. Note that not all members of the Cabinet were ministers.

On 21 September 1993, the Cabinet was dismissed due to the vote of no confidence resolution adopted by the Verkhovna Rada.

Fokin's ministers (officials) edit

Office Name minister Party
Chairman of State Property Fund Volodymyr Pryadko
Chairman of Security Service of Ukraine Yevhen Marchuk
Chairman of State Customs Committee Oleksiy Koval
Governor of National Bank of Ukraine Vadym Hetman
Chairman of Anti-Monopoly Committee Oleksandr Zavada

Composition edit

Office Name minister Party
Prime Minister Leonid Kuchma
First Vice Prime Minister Ihor Yukhnovsky
Yukhym Zvyahilsky
Vice Prime Minister (on issues of Industry and Construction) Vasyl Yevtukhov
Vice Prime Minister (on issues of Agro-Industrial Complex) Volodymyr Demianov
Vice Prime Minister - Minister of Economy Viktor Pynzenyk
Vice Prime Minister (on issues of Fuel-Energy Complex) Yuliy Ioffe
Vice Prime Minister (on issues of Humanitarian Policy) Mykola Zhulynsky
Vice Prime Minister (on issues of military–industrial complex) Valeriy Shmarov
Vice Prime Minister (on issues of Foreign Economical Activity and Investments) Valentyn Landyk
Chairman of State Committee of Border Guard Valeriy Hubenko
Governor of National Bank of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko
Chairman of State Customs Committee Anatoliy Kolos
Minister of Cabinet of Ministers Anatoliy Lobov
Valeriy Pustovoitenko
Minister of Energy and Electrification Vitaliy Sklyarov
Anatoliy Hrytsenko
Vilen Semenyuk
Minister of Communication Oleh Przhevalsky
Minister of Foreign Economic Relations Ivan Herts
Minister of Forest Business Valeriy Samoplavsky
Minister of Machine-Building, Military-Industrial Complex and Conversion Viktor Antonov
Dmytro Chernenko
Minister of Education Petro Talanchuk
Minister of Healthcare Yuriy Spizhenko
Minister of Natural Environment Yuriy Kostenko
Minister of Labor Mykhailo Kaskevych
Minister of Industry Anatoliy Holubchenko
Minister of Social Security Arkadiy Yershov
Minister of Statistics Mykola Borysenko
Minister of Transport Orest Klimpush
Minister of Population Protection from consequences of Chornobyl Catastrophe Heorhiy Hotovchyts
Minister of Youth and Sports Valeriy Borzov
Minister of Internal Affairs Andriy Vasylyshyn
Minister of Foreign Affairs Anatoliy Zlenko
Minister of Defense Kostyantyn Morozov
Minister of Finance Hryhoriy Pyatachenko
Minister of Justice Vasyl Onopenko
Minister of Culture Ivan Dzyuba
Minister of Rural Business and Provision Yuriy Karasyk
Minister of Construction and Architecture Yuriy Serbin
Minister of Economy Yuriy Bannykov
Roman Shpek
Minister on issues of Nationalities and Migration Oleksandr Yemets

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