Ksudach (Russian: Ксудач) (also known as Vonyuchy Khrebet Volcano[citation needed]) is a stratovolcano in southern Kamchatka, Russia. The last eruption of Ksudach was in March 1907, on or around the 28, which was one of the largest ever recorded in Kamchatka, with a Volcanic Explosivity Index of 5 and a volume of ejected ash at 2.4 km2.[1] The eruption in 1907 sent ash high into the atmosphere which was transported by the jet stream, leaving North America east of the Rockies unseasonably cold.[1] The summit area comprises overlapping calderas. Two lakes, Balshoe and Kraternoe, are located within calderas at the summit of Ksudach. These lakes, along with hot springs and the surrounding wilderness, make the Ksudach Volcano region a popular trekking destination. In the event of renewed volcanic activity, its remote location minimizes its potential hazard to humans.

KsudachVolcano ISS009-E-16836.jpg
The summit area of Ksudach Volcano
Highest point
Elevation1,079 m (3,540 ft)
Coordinates51°48′N 157°32′E / 51.80°N 157.53°E / 51.80; 157.53
Ksudach is located in Kamchatka Krai
Location in Kamchatka Krai, Russia
LocationKamchatka Peninsula, Russia
Parent rangeEastern Range
Mountain typeStratovolcano
Last eruptionMarch 1907

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