Konrad Zuse Scholarship Programme 2009

Konrad Zuse Program is one-year fellowship for ICT entrepreneurs, supported from the Federal Foreign Office of Germany and the German Investment and Development Corporation (DEG). Konrad Zuse Program gives the opportunity to receive training in German companies operating in the area of Information & Communication Technology (ICT) in order to narrow the digital divide in a globalize world. Konrad-Zuse-Program included an academic component as well as internships in German companies active in the same sector as the prospective start-up.


This award was given to nine people from around the world:

  • Yasser Elshantaf
  • Karla Magpayo
  • Thomas Tan
  • Mohammad Abid Azam
  • Adama Ndembele
  • Rafael Mejia
  • Jean Claude Bwenge
  • Patricia Ulloa
  • Silas Sheehama

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