Koenigsmark (novel)

Koenigsmark is a 1918 adventure novel by the French writer Pierre Benoît.


The story is about the love of a young French tutor, Raoul Vignerte, for Aurora, the grand duchess of Lautenbourg-Detmold. In 1912, Aurora, who came from the steppes of Russia, marries Grand Duke Rudolph of Lautenbourg, heir to the throne of a small German principality. But he dies mysteriously while on a mission to Africa. In 1913, Raoul Vignerte arrives at the palace as tutor. Meanwhile, Aurora has married Rudolph's brother Frederic de Lautenbourg. Vignerte falls in love with the fascinating Aurora, who enjoys his company. In addition to this romantic intrigue, is a mixture of political and police intrigue regarding Grand Duke Rudolph's mysterious death in Africa.


The story has been adapted several times for the screen


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