Ko Chun-hsiung

Ko Chun-hsiung (Chinese: 柯俊雄; pinyin: Kē Jùnxióng; 15 January 1945 – 6 December 2015) was a Taiwanese actor, director and politician.[1][2][3] He had been acting since the 1960s and had appeared in more than 200 films.

Ko Chun-hsiung
2007Taipei101RunUp EnterpriseGroup Chun-hsiung Ko.jpg
Ko Chun-hsiung in Taipei in 2007.
Ko Chun-liang (柯俊良)

(1945-01-15)15 January 1945
Died6 December 2015(2015-12-06) (aged 70)
Alma materNational Taiwan University of Arts
OccupationActor, director, politician
Years active1965—2015
Political partyKuomintang
Taiwan Farmers' Party (2007—2008)
(m. 1970; div. 2004)

Tsai Qinghua
(m. 2005⁠–⁠2015)
  • Ko Yishan, with Chang Mei-yao
  • Ko Pinyin, with Chang Mei-yao
  • Ko Jianyu, with Tsai Qinghua
  • Ko Zier, with Tsai Qinghua

His career accolades included three Golden Horse Awards, two Asia Pacific Film Festival Awards for Best Actor, a Panama International Film Festival Award for Best Actor. In 2005, Chinese Film Association of Performance Art named Ko on the list of 100 Outstanding Artists in Chinese Film (1905 - 2004).


Early lifeEdit

Ko was born in Kaohsiung, during Taiwan under Japanese rule, he attended Kaohsiung No.2 School and graduated from National Taiwan University of Arts, he also studied at Tokyo University and Saint John's College.

Acting careerEdit

Ko began his career by appearing in small roles before 1965. He appeared in The Silent Wife later that year. In 1967, Ko starred as Feng Ze in Ching-Zue Bai's Lonely Seventeen, for which he won his first Best Actor Award at the Asia Pacific Film Festival. In 1974, Ko starred as Zhang Zizhong in the historical film The Everlasting Glory, which earned Ko his second Best Actor Award at the Asia Pacific Film Festival. In 1976, Ko acted in the historical film Eight Hundred Heroes directed by Ting Shan-hsi, playing the role of Xie Jinyuan, he won a Golden Horse Award.[4]

Ko won the Best Actor Award at the 1979 Golden Horse Awards for his performance in A Teacher of Great Soldiers.[5][6]

In 1981, Ko self-directed and performed in My Grandfather, which earned him a Best Actor Award at the Panama International Film Festival. In 1989, Ko starred as Duan Yihu, reuniting him with co-star Jackie Chan, who played Guo Zhenhua, in the romantic comedy film Miracles, which were highly praised by audience. In 1999, Ko filmed in Cao Cao, he received the Best Actor Award at the 36th Golden Horse Awards. In 2012, Ko participated in the Taiwanese-language television drama Feng Shui Family.[4]

Political careerEdit

Ko became involved in politics in 1990.

In 1996, Ko stood unsuccessfully in the Provisional Legislative Council Election in British Hong Kong.[7]

Ko defeated incumbent legislator Chang Tsai Mei in a July 2004 Kuomintang party primary,[8] and represented Hsinchu City Constituency in the Legislative Yuan from 1 February 2005 to 31 January 2008.

In 2007, Ko joined the Taiwan Farmers' Party, but was not reelected in the 2008 legislative elections.[9]

Personal lifeEdit

Ko was twice married. Originally wed to actress Chang Mei-yao in 1970, he became the father of two children, Ko Yishan (柯懿珊) and Ko Pinyin (柯品吟). They divorced in 2004, as Ko was involved in an affair with Tsai Qinghua (蔡清樺), who Ko married the next year. Ko's second marriage also produced two children, Ko Jianyu (柯鑒育) and Ko Zier (柯姿而). Chang, Ko's first wife, died in 2012.[10]


Ko died on 6 December 2015 at Tri-Service General Hospital in Taipei, a year after being diagnosed with lung cancer.[11] He was 70.



Year English Title Chinese Title Role Notes
1963 《義犬救主》
1964 《天字第一號》
1965 《一江春水向東流》
The Silent Wife 《啞女情深》
1966 《橋》
1967 《壯志淩雲》
Lonely Seventeen 《寂寞的十七歲》 Feng Ze
I Hate You Deeply 《恨你入骨》
1968 Fallen Petals 《落花時節》
1969 Storm over the Yang-tse River 《揚子江風雲》
1970 Bye, My Lover 《再見阿郎》
Home Sweet Home 《家在台北》
I Want You 《我要你》
1971 《愛你一萬倍》
Life and Mother 《母與女》
Happiness and Joy 《歡天喜地》
Five Plus Five 《五對佳偶》
Splendid Love Affairs 《難忘負心人》
1972 《東南西北風》
Pei Shih 《佩詩》
Love is Smoke 《輕煙》
The Perfect Match 《門當戶對》
Crimes Are To Be Paid 《五虎摧花》
1973 《天使之吻》
My Father, my husband and my son 《我父、我夫、我子》
The Devils Treasure 《黑夜怪客》
Haze in the Sunset 《煙雨斜陽》
The Jilte 《負心的人續集》
1974 《彩雲片片》
The Everlasting Glory 《英烈千秋》
Spring Comes Not Again 《不再有春天》
The Looks of Hong Kong 《香港屋簷下》
1975 The Bedeviled 《心魔》
Devil Crows 《邪魔》
Victory 《梅花》
1976 Painted Waves of Love 《浪花》
The Star 《星語》
Rhythm of the Wave 《海韻》
The Trap 《陷阱》
Eight Hundred Heroes 《八百壯士》
1977 《愛有明天》
1978 A Teacher of Great Soldiers 《黃埔軍魂》
1979 Gone With Honor 《香火》
The Brave Ones 《強渡關山》
Qi Jiguang 《戚繼光》
Qiu Lian 《秋蓮》
1980 The Coldest Winter in Peking 《皇天後土》
Mission over the Eagle Castle 《血濺冷鷹堡》
1981 The Frogman 《大地勇士》
The Battle for the Republic of China 《辛亥雙十》
The Professional Killer 《職業兇手》
Offend the Law of God 《怒犯天條》
1982 《黑色婚禮》
Steamrolling 《人肉戰車》
Days In the Army 《動員令》
The Head Hunter 《獵頭》
Attack Force Z 《Z字特工隊》
My Grandfather 《我的爺爺》
1983 《甲子玄機》
My Mother 《我的媽媽》
1984 《不歸路》
1985 《孤戀花》
1986 《愛是做鬼也愛》
From Here to Prosperity 《奪寶計上計》
I am a Chinese 《我是中國人》
The Heroic Pioneers 《唐山過台灣》
The Kinmen Bombs 《金門炮戰》
1987 《起床號》
Tragic Hero 《英雄好漢》
Somewhere My Love 《不歸路》
Brotherhood 《義本無言》
Rich and Famous 《江湖情》
The Kinmen Bombs 《八二三炮戰》
Yes, Sir 《報告班長》
Strawman 《稻草人》
1988 《殺出銅鑼灣》
Yes, Sir 2 《報告班長2》
The Story of Haybo 《喜寶》
The Dragon Family 《龍之家族》
1989 Fight to Survive 《我在江湖》
Miracles 《奇跡》 Duan Yihu
Burning Ambition 《龍之爭霸》
1990 Triad Story 《江湖最後一個大佬》
A Home Too Far 《異域》
1991 Island of Fire 《火燒島》 Prison Chief
Retreat of the Godfather 《大哥讓位》
1992 Requital 《五湖四海》
1993 End of The Road 《異域之末路英雄》
1994 Amassing Stories 《野店》
1995 Remember M Remember E 《哪有一天不想你》
1998 Cao Cao 《一代梟雄曹操》
1998 Unexpected Challenges 《靈與慾》
2001 The Last Salute 《報告總司令》


Year English Title Chinese Title Role Notes
1983 Days in Xiang River 《香江歲月》
1998 《舉頭三尺有神明》
2003 Crystal Boys 《孽子》 A Qing's father
2004 My Boyfriend Is A Superstar 《我的明星男友》 Guan Zixiong
2011 Independent Heroes 《廉政英雄》 Biao Su/ Zhang Guohao
Father and Son 《父與子》 Wang Dazhu
2012 Feng Shui Family 《風水世家》 Gao Shenhuang


Year Work Award Result Notes
1968 Lonely Seventeen Asia Pacific Film Festival for Best Actor Award Won
1975 The Everlasting Glory Asia Pacific Film Festival for Best Actor Award Won
1976 800 Heroes Golden Horse Award Won
1979 A Teacher of Great Soldiers Golden Horse Award for Best Actor Won
1981 My Grandfather Panama International Film Festival for Best Actor Won
1999 Cao Cao Golden Horse Award for Best Actor Won
2005 100 Outstanding Artists in Chinese Film (1905 - 2004) Won


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