Knights and Magick

Knights and Magick is a role-playing game published by Heritage USA in 1980.

Knights and Magick, boxed set.jpg


Knights and Magick is a fantasy/medieval miniatures system designed for mass or single combat, in individual battles or large political-economic-military campaigns.[1] The game includes rudimentary role-playing rules, magic spells, and guidelines for use with other RPGs.[1]

Publication historyEdit

The Knights and Magick Rules Set was designed by Arnold Hendrick and published by Heritage USA in 1980 as a boxed set containing three 48-page books and a 32-page book, a digest-sized 16-page pamphlet, and a reference sheet.[1]


Aaron Allston reviewed Knights & Magick in The Space Gamer No. 35.[2] Allston commented that "Overall, I would guardedly recommend Knights & Magick, but not to straight FRP gamers; they would find little of use. Fantasy and historical miniatures gamers will find some innovation and a good deal of resource material."[2]

Lawrence Schick felt that the game was "Designed mainly to sell Heritage miniatures".[1]



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