Kittu Unnadu Jagratha

Kittu Unnadu Jagratha (English: Kittu is there, beware) is a 2017 Indian Telugu comedy thriller film written by Srikanth Vissa and directed by Vammsi Kreshna. It features Raj Tarun and Anu Emmanuel in the lead roles, along with Arbaaz Khan.[1] The music is by Anup Rubens. The film has completed censor board formalities and released on 3 March 2017.[2]

Kittu Unnadu Jagratha
Kittu Unnadu Jagratha.jpeg
Directed byVammsi Kreshna
Written bySrikanth Vissa
Produced byRamabrahmam Sunkara
StarringRaj Tarun
Anu Emmanuel
Arbaaz Khan
CinematographyB. Rajasekar
Edited byM. R. Varma
Music byAnup Rubens
Release date
  • 3 March 2017 (2017-03-03)


Kittu is a mechanical engineer who runs a car garage with his friends. He also kidnaps dogs and ask ransom money from the owners to set their dogs free. Kittu is in debts and has to pay money from a moneylender. When he and his friends gets caught, Kittu reveals his past to the moneylender:

Kittu met Janaki where he falls in love and pursue her to accept him, She recropriates and they began a relationship. While repairing Janaki's car, He finds a bag from the car which consist of 25 lakh (US$31,000), she ask him to bring it in the morning. However, the bag is stolen by his friend Babji. So, he and his friends had borrowed some money from the moneylender and also kidnaps dogs from the household for ransom in order to pay Janaki's debt. When Janaki finds out from her friend (whose dog was also kidnapped by Kittu), She breaks up with him.

AIR is a businessman and also an expert blackmailer who blackmails a CBI officer to stop investigating cricketer Prashanth Varma's death, who was also blackmailed by AIR for matchfixing. An IT raid occurs at his house headed by IT commissioner Aditya Narayan where he takes AIR's safe box which contains evidences of his blackmailed victims. He learns from Rishi, who is the mole in IT department that the safe is in IT headquarters safe and the IT access card can open the safe. He tells his brother Bhadra to kidnap Aditya Narayan's daughter.

Meanwhile, Janaki learns that Kittu was actually extorting money to pay off her debts. She calls him to arrive at a park for a chat. Kittu and his friends kidnap a dog which turns out to be Janaki's dog, but is kidnapped by Bhadra, only to learn that Janaki is Aditya Narayan's daughter. Bhadra demands Aditya Narayan for access card and also for 1 crore (US$130,000) crore for his expenses.

However, Aditya Narayan is thrown in a fix when Kittu calls him to hand over 5 lakh (US$6,300) for his dog (When he actually calls Janaki 'Baby') where he gives them 1 crore (US$130,000) and the access card, thinking that they are the kidnappers, but learns about the mix up and suffers from heart attack where he is admitted to the hospital. The SI begans the investigation only to apparend Kittu and his friends where Kittu learns of Janaki's kidnapping.

The SI takes them to a forest to kill them, but the gun's bullets were removed by Kittu due to sudden brake in the car and they escape from the SI. Kittu and his friends decide to save Janaki where they steal Nimasi Baba/Santhanam's car and also learn about AIR's profession from Nimasi Baba/Santhanam as a blackmailer when they retrieve access car from the garage and also knocking Bhadra when he arrived at the garage to find the card.

The SI arrives at the garage where a shootout ensues. Kittu and his friend takes the car and drive towards the IT headquarters to steal the safe, they knock out Rishi where AIR calls Kittu to arrive at his hideout when AIR learns from Bhadra that Kittu has the safe. Kittu reunites with Janaki where AIR ask him about the safe. However, The moneylender and his henchman arrive at the hideout to apparend Kittu.

However, Kittu mixes up everything and a shootout ensues. Kittu learns from Janaki that the money (which Janaki left in the car) was fake as Aditya Narayan learnt about Kittu and wanted to test his honesty and love for Janaki. They patch up and escape from the hideout where the SI tries to apparend Kittu, but Janaki interferes and tells them about AIR, but is forced to release AIR as he blackmailed the CBI officer to release him.

The police leave the hideout where AIR holds Kittu and his friends at gunpoint and demands the safe, but Kittu peppersprays him with Pedigree meat spray and lets the howl of dogs to charge towards AIR. The next day, Kittu meets up with AIR in a mental asylum, where he makes him pretend to be mentally ill due to the dog bites and makes him to stay as mentally ill for his misdeeds.

In a park, Kittu and Janaki meets up where he kisses her without her consent, due to which Janaki funnily chases Kittu.



The Music Was Composed By Anup Rubens and Released by Aditya Music.

Kittu Unnadu Jagratha
Soundtrack album by
ReleasedFeb 13, 2017
LabelAditya Music
ProducerAnup Rubens
Anup Rubens chronology
Kittu Unnadu Jagratha
1."Ardhamaindha"Ramajogayya SastryAnurag Kulkarni, Anup Rubens4:29
2."Johny Johny Yes Papa"Raj TarunRanjith3:44
3."Naa Pere Singapore Sirimalli"Ramajogayya SastryGeetha Madhuri3:56
4."Bow Bow Boys"Ramajogayya SastrySaisharan, Anup Rubens2:40
Total length:14:49


The first poster of the film was unveiled on 29 October 2016 on the eve of Diwali.[3] A teaser for the film was released on 1 January 2017 on the eve of New Year.[4]


The movie released on 3 March 2017 across Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.



The film was a box office hit and beat other new releases Dwaraka and Gunturodu at the box office[5] Tollystar gave it a rating 3/5 saying Kittu Unnadu Jagratha had its funny moments that can entertain audience and is a nice time pass movie


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