Kiran Chandra Roy is a Bangladeshi Baul folk singer. In 1997, he won Bangladesh National Film Award for Best Male Playback Singer and the BACHSAS Best Singer Award for his performance in the film Dukhai.[1][2] He is also a lyricist and music composer.[3]

Kiran Chandra Roy
Occupation(s)Playback singer

Background and education edit

Roy took formal music lessons from Khandaker Nurul Alam for 14 years.[4][1] He took part in the first Bangladesh folklore workshop. He was a student of Bengali literature at the University of Dhaka and Jagannath University.[4]

As of 2005, Roy released 15 solo albums and rendered playback in over 20 films.[3]

Albums edit

  • Kon Kaal-e Tor Hobe Dishe (2014)[5]

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