List of monarchs of Huahine

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Kingdom of Huahine

This is a list of monarchs of Huahine, during the Teurura'i dynasty. They carried the title Ariʻi rahi, which was translated as "King".[citation needed]

Monarchs of Huahine (1760–1895)Edit

Name Born-Died Reign Start Reign End Notes
Tehaʻapapa I 1735–1790 1760 1790 First reign. De facto paramount ruler from 1760 to 1790. First as ariʻi rahi.
Teriʻitaria I 1769–1793 1790 1793 Succeeded his mother Tehaʻapapa on 1790. Deposed in 1793 by his half-brother.
Tenania 1770–1814 1793 1810 Succeeded his half-brother.
Mahine Teheiura 1761–1838 1810 1815 Brother of Tenania. He abdicated for his niece Teriʻitaria of Raiatea.
Teriʻitaria II 1790–1858 1815 18 March 1852

Deposed during a civil war.

Ariʻmate 1824–1874 18 March 1852 September 1868 Deposed in September 1868 during a civil war. Succeeded by his wife.
Tehaʻapapa II 1824–1893 September 1868 28 May 1893 Heiress presumptive of King Tamatoa IV of Raiatea and Tahaʻa. Ruler of Huahine (1868–1893), ruled under French protectorate from 1885 and 1890.
Regent Marama 1851–1909 1884 15 September 1895 First born son of the Huahinean sovereign, he acted as regent for his mother and his daughter from 1884 to 1895.
Teuhe 1848–1891 22 March 1888 22 July 1890 Raised to the kingdom in 1888. She reigned under a rebellion government against her mother Tehaʻapapa II. Deposed in 1890 by her brother regent Marama and exiled in Tahiti where she died one year later.
Tehaʻapapa III 1879–1917 28 May 1893 15 September 1895 Last Queen of Huahine and Maiaʻo, France annexed Huahine and Maiaʻo on 15 September 1895.

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