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Flag of the Kingdom of Tahiti

This is a list of monarchs of Tahiti, during the Pōmare Dynasty. They carried the title Ari'i rahi.


Monarchs of TahitiEdit

Picture Name Birth–Death Reign Start Reign End Notes
  Vai raʻa toa Taina Pōmare I 1743–1803 1788 3 September 1803 De facto paramount ruler from 1768, first as ariʻi, then from 1774 as regent for Pōmare II
  Pōmare II 1774–1821 3 September 1803 22 December 1808 First reign, succeeded Pōmare I at birth in 1774 as ari'i, exiled to Moʻorea in 1808
Vacant (22 December 1808 – 15 November 1815)
  Pōmare II 1774–1821 15 November 1815 7 December 1821 Second reign, reclaimed throne after the Battle of Te Feipi
  Teriʻi tariʻa Pōmare III 1820–1827 7 December 1821 8 January 1827 Son of Pōmare II
Council of Regency 7 December 1821 8 January 1827 Regents for Pōmare III (per Pōmare II's request):
Queen Teriʻitoʻoterai Tere-moe-moe
Queen Teriʻitaria Ariʻipaea Vahine
Five of the principal chiefs of Tahiti
  ʻAimata Pōmare IV Vahine 1813–1877 11 January 1827 17 September 1877 Female; Daughter of Pōmare II. Longest reigning ruler of Tahiti, ruled under French protectorate from 9 September 1842
  Ariʻi aue Pōmare V 1839–1891 17 September 1877 30 December 1880 Son of Pōmare IV. Last King of Tahiti, France annexed Tahiti and its dependencies on 29 June 1880

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Current statusEdit

In 2006, Tauatomo Mairau claimed to be the heir to the Tahitian throne, and attempted to re-assert the status of the monarchy in court. His claims were not recognized by France.[1][2] On 28 May 2009, Joinville Pōmare, an adopted member of the Pōmare family, declared himself King Pōmare XI, during a ceremony attended by descendants of leading chiefs but spurned by members of his own family. Other members of the family recognised his uncle, Léopold Pōmare, as heir to the throne.[3][4]

He attempted to have royal trust lands returned to him and his family. The French government mortgaged the land after World War II, and in doing so violated the terms of the agreement signed with Pomare V in 1880 which reserved control of the trust lands for the royal family of Tahiti. The banks may be in the process of freezing the assets, and Mairau sued to prevent native Tahitians from being evicted from his trust lands, and wished for them to retain their usage rights over the land.[5][6]

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