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Emperor Zarkon is a fictional character in the media franchise Voltron and is an Antagonist of the Voltron Force who made his first appearance in Voltron: Defender of the Universe.[3]

Emperor Zarkon
Voltron character
First appearanceVoltron: Defender of the Universe - Space Explorers Captured (1984)
Voiced byJack Angel (1984)
Kevin Michael Richardson (1998)
Neil Kaplan (2016)[1][2]
TitleEmperor of the Galra Empire
OccupationBlack Paladin of Voltron (Formerly)
SpouseHonerva (wife)
ChildrenPrince Lotor (son)


Voltron Defender of the UniverseEdit

King Zarkon is ruler of Planet Doom and leader of the Drule Empire who blame others for his failures.[4]

Voltron The Third DimensionEdit

King Zarkon became an ally of the Voltron force against Prince Lotor as a member of the Galactic council. It turns out to be a ruse as he was secretly working with his son.

Voltron Legendary DefenderEdit

Zarkon was ruler of Daibazaal and the original black Paladin of Voltron. He ruled the Galra Empire for 10,000 years. Zarkon became corrupted by Quintessence and unknown dark forces from an alternate reality which led to a revolt against King Alfor to claim Voltron for himself. With the absence of all five Lions, Zarkon assumed that Voltron was destroyed but rediscovers the Lions and wants it for himself. Zarkon eventually gets killed by his son Prince Lotor.

The character was made a more sophisticated character than his 1984 counterpart.[5] During flashbacks of Voltron: Legendary Defender, Zarkon is voiced by Kevin Durand instead of Neil Kaplan. Voltron writers said the reason a different voice actor was chosen to show how Zarkon is not the original person he once was.[6]


In the 2011 Devil's Due comics the Emperor Zarkon character appears in the book.[7]

Popular cultureEdit

The character appeared in an ad campaign for the Sprite soft drink in the 1990s.[8]


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