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King Wei of Chu (Chinese: 楚威王; pinyin: Chǔ Wēi Wáng, died 329 BC) was the king of the state of Chu from 339 to 329 BC, during the Warring States period of ancient China. He was born Xiong Shang (Chinese: 熊商) and King Wei was his posthumous title.[1]

Xiong Shang
King of Chu
Reign339–329 BC
Full name
Posthumous name
King Wei of Chu

King Wei succeeded his father King Xuan of Chu, who died in 340 BC. King Wei died in 329 BC after an eleven-year reign and was succeeded by his son King Huai of Chu.[1]

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King Wei of Chu
 Died: 329 BC
Regnal titles
Preceded by
King Xuan of Chu
King of Chu
339–329 BC
Succeeded by
King Huai of Chu