King Gong of Zhou

King Gong of Zhou (Chinese: 周共王; pinyin: Zhōu Gòng Wáng or Chinese: 周恭王; pinyin: Zhōu Gōng Wáng), personal name Ji Yihu, was the sixth king of the Chinese Zhou Dynasty.[5][6] Estimated dates of his reign are 922–900 BC or 917/15–900.[1]

King Gong of Zhou
King of China
Reign922–900 BC[1]
PredecessorKing Mu of Zhou[2]
SuccessorKing Yì of Zhou
BornJi Yihu
Died900 BC
SpouseWang Gui
IssueKing Yì of Zhou[3]
Ancestral name: (姬)
Given name: Yīhù (繄扈)
FatherKing Mu of Zhou[4]


King Gong of Zhou ascended to the throne in the year 922 BC after his father King Mu of Zhou departed. Unlike some of his ancestors, he dedicated to developing economy and increasing his exchequer, instead of expanding territory or conquering others through wars.

According to one account carried by the Records of the Grand Historian, King Gong of Zhou once did initiate a war and destroyed the State of Mi. When he was touring in State of Mi, he saw three extremely beautiful women and commanded Mi's lord to find them out and send them to his own palace. But the lord of the state took the three extremely beautiful women as his own concubines, which irritated King Gong. So he invaded this state and sentenced that lord to death.[7]

After 15 years reign, he passed the throne to his son King Yì of Zhou and departed peacefully in his own palace.



  • Wang Gui, of the Gui clan (王媯 媯姓)


  • Crown Prince Jian (太子囏; 899–892 BC), ruled as King Yì of Zhou from 899–892 BC


King Cheng of Zhou (1060–1020 BC)
King Kang of Zhou (1040–996 BC)
Wang Si
King Zhao of Zhou (1027–977 BC)
Wang Jiang
King Mu of Zhou (992–922 BC)
Queen Fang
King Gong of Zhou (d. 900 BC)

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King Gong of Zhou
 Died: 900 BC
Regnal titles
Preceded by King of China
922–900 BC
Succeeded by