King Fahd Islamic Cultural Center

The Islamic Cultural Center "Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Fahd in Argentina" (Spanish: Centro Cultural Islámico "Custodio de las Dos Sagradas Mezquitas, Rey Fahd" or CCIAR) is a mosque and center for Islamic culture located in Buenos Aires, Argentina.[1] It is named after King Fahd of Saudi Arabia.

King Fahd Islamic Cultural Center

It became the largest Mosque in Latin America, after the President Carlos Menem's 1995 grant of 34,000 m² of municipal land in the Palermo section of Buenos Aires was given to the Mosque, following a state visit to Saudi Arabia.[2][3]

Inaugurated in 2000, the Mosque and cultural center, was constructed as a gift of the Saudi government on land donated by the Argentinian government.[4] It was designed by Saudi architect Zuhair Fayez, and includes prayer halls with capacities for 1,200 men and 400 women, respectively. The cultural center hosts a primary and secondary school, as well as a divinities school and a dormitory for 50 students.[2]


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